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What if you could shift the course of your life in just one hour?

We all, at some point, find ourselves at a crossroads, unsure of which path to take.

The sheer volume of choices in today’s world can be overwhelming, and the task of making decisions—both difficult and seemingly simply—can paralyze.

That’s because if we don’t know where we’re supposed to go, it’s almost impossible to know how to get there.

By accessing the Akashic Records your personal road map becomes clear. Much like a library where the thoughts, feelings, and actions of every individual is housed in its own set of books, one for each of their lifetimes.

The Akashic Records reveals the past, in order to illuminate the path you should be taking toward your future.

As the founder of the Akashic Knowing School of Wisdom, for 20 years I have been working as an energy healer, spiritual counselor, and Akashic guide.

During this time I received numerous Akashic Record access prayers along with powerful healing prayers and tools to help everyone access their own records and find their soul’s true calling.

Whether you’re struggling with your career, your relationships, or your fundamental approach to life, in just one session I can help you find the answers and healing you need so that you can finally move forward with certainty.

Additional sessions can be used to go even deeper—to heal old traumas, for example, or to surface the reasons why you may be trapped in negative patterns of action that are holding you back.

The librarians assigned to oversee your personal Akashic Record—your soul’s journey—are ready and waiting to share it with you.

Transformation doesn’t have to take a lifetime. Even the smallest shifts can bring about big changes.

I invite you to use your Akashic Record to discover your soul’s guidance and transform your life.

You are an infinite soul.

Be the Love you are,

Lisa Barnett

  • Lisa Barnett, Teacher, Guide and Founder of Akashic Knowing School of Wisdom
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Open Your Akashic Record and Discover the Gifts of Your Soul

Upcoming Events

July 30th - 31st
Course 1: San Francisco

Sept 8th - Oct 20th
Course 1: Teleseminar

September 24th - 25th
Course 2: San Rafael

October 1st - 2nd
Course 1: Louisiana

October 22nd - 23rd
Course 3: San Francisco


This is very powerful.

I’ve been doing your Soul Signature meditation daily, leaving my symbol everywhere in the galaxy. I have seen an increase in my clientele every day. I even saw you Soul Symbol written across the sky by 3 airplanes crossing. Beautiful validation....

I am very grateful for this teaching...

Dear Lisa.

I’ve been having an amazing and life-changing few months, since I took your tele-seminar and learned to access my Akashic Record. I wanted to share a bit of what I’m doing, with you.

My Akashic Record Masters & Tea...


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