About Lisa

Lisa with twinsLisa Barnett is the founder of Akashic Knowing School of Wisdom and for over 20 years has been internationally recognized as a leader in teaching and healing within the Akashic Records.  As an Akashic Records consultant, Lisa affects her students healing  processes with the unconditional love, guidance, and wisdom that comes through her from the Masters of the Akashic Records. She accesses this wisdom with grace through Sacred Prayers that she also teaches to her students for accessing their own personal Akashic Records connection. Students may also advance to Certified Consultant, allowing them to access the Akashic Records of another.

Lisa specializes in clearing soul contracts, karma, and vows – and helping individuals arrive on their soul’s path.  Her unique healing technique called “Pain Body Release ” helps her clients let go of their accumulated emotional pain, from both their past and current lives. This ancient wisdom is here to help humanity create steps to the life their heart and soul desires.

At this stage of my life, I am best known as an Akashic Record Teacher, Consultant, Healer, and as the mother of three. My life is filled with children, love, laughter, service and healing, but it has not always been this way.

Allow me to share with you who I am, why I “get you” so much, and exactly WHAT you can do to get some crystal clear answers, like NOW.

I was similar to you, not so long ago.

I had a time in my life where I was questioning EVERYTHING.  I had the “perfect” life… I had a great job, was making great money, and in a happy marriage. On the outside everything looked great, but on the inside I felt lost on my path – confused, exhausted and sick to my stomach – both figuratively and literally.

Basically, my life just started to fall apart.

I got a variety of different illness, and my body just began to shut down.   I could no longer function at my job.

I was doing all the right things, but nothing was working.  I tried Holistic doctors, acupuncturists, herbs, nutritionists, psychics, energy healers, meditation, and spiritual healing.  The works.

Through this experience, I was guided to dig deep inside of myself, and find my answers. When I did, I was given a gift that can helped me so much to get my life back on track and I became so fascinated with it, that I learned how to do the same for other.

Since then, I’ve created a wonderful life and an amazing business helping people just like you to have lasting transformation.

I help you find the core truth of who you are, and to receive the messages of your soul so that you feel clear and move forward and be excited about your life.

When you’re on purpose, life flows easier, there is greater clarity, and your attraction factor is high. It can be painful when you are out of alignment with your soul mission, and what you came here to accomplish.

Please Contact me with questions or comments.