Akashic Courses 1 – 3

Discover the Key to Access Your Soul Purpose with
Akashic Knowing School of Wisdom.
Say Good-Bye to weariness and confusion in your life and HELLO to your soul’s unique destiny!

What would it be like to have ancient and profound tools to navigate
through your every day challenges with ease and great clarity.
To deeply Know what your next steps are in your life?

Your soul has a unique mission, and through your work in the Akashic Record you can Access Your Purpose and be divinely guided everyday by your personal Akashic Beings of Light. Your Akashic Record wisdom can help you achieve this and much, much more.

Through the records you can:

  • Learn what is holding you back from bringing Love into your life.
  • Receive tools to realize and release the Karma that is keeping you stuck in old patterns.
  • Understand the challenging relationships in your life, the gift they hold, and how to heal them.
  • Work with your soul contract and bring to completion those that no longer serve you.
  • Gain clarity around the next creative steps in your life: is there something you’re supposed to be doing that you’re unaware of?
  • Realize what’s keeping you from bringing greater abundance of everything into your life.
  • Learn about how your past lives affect this life and what you can do to shift that old energy.

When you’re on purpose, life flows easier, there is greater clarity, and your attraction factor is high. Life can be challenging when you are out of alignment with your soul mission, and what you came here to accomplish. Accessing your Akashic Record will help you find the core truth of who you are, and to receive the messages of your soul. These classes are life changing!

Course 1: Access Your Personal Akashic Record Wisdom

In this first course, you will learn to access your own Akashic Record, using a vibrational key in the form of a sacred prayer. This key easily opens the door to Divine Guidance from your own Soul’s Library, your Akashic Record.

This course makes it easy for you to rise to a new perspective as you ask questions about your life and feel secure in the information & healing you receive.

In this New Revised and Upgraded  Access your Personal Wisdom Course you will be empowered to:

  • Use three Akashic Prayers which are the Vibrational Keys to access your personal Akashic Records
  • Integrate brand new healing  tools from the Lords of the Akashic Records
  • Ask questions of the Akashic Masters to gain clarity at a crossroad and be able to make accurate decisions for your personal life and business
  • Open your heart to receive more powerful relationships which support your soul path
  • Receive Guidance to assist with the next steps for your life daily
  • Raise your energy vibration, up-leveling your healing abilities and intuition
  • Clear Money Blocks and open money flow into your life
  • Practice exercises so you feel secure that your Guidance is coming from the Akashic Record Keepers.

No Prerequisite

Akashic Course 1 is Available, In-Person, Live on the Phone/Computer, or as a Home Study Course

The Home Study Course is being Upgraded and Updated with new additional access Prayers, healing prayers and many more energy tools. The New Course 1 will be available in April 2015.

Course 2: Access Ancient Soul Wisdom & Past Lives

In this second course, you will experience a deepening into areas of the Akashic Record that you may not have explored. We work in the vastness of the “A” Field to understand our lives with greater wisdom. The realms of the Akashic Field are infinite and the chance to explore them in depth will give you the ability to see the Big Picture of your life and your choices.

In the Access Ancient Soul Wisdom workshop you will:

  • Explore the past lives that may influence you and your life situation now.
  • Examine your ancestral lineage and learn why you may have chose your family of origin.
  • Expand your creativity by using your Akashic Record.
  • Explore your Soul lineage and discover talents you may be unaware of.
  • Learn about choice between lives.

Prerequisite: Course I

Akashic Course 2 is Available as a Home Study Course, In-Person or Live on the Phone

Click here for more information and to purchase the Home Study Course.

Course 3: Access the Akashic Wisdom for Another, Your First Step to Becoming a Certified Akashic Record Consultant

In this third course, you will experience the transformative process of accessing the Akashic Record for another person, business, pet or object, learning a new vibrational key and practice giving Akashic Consultations.

Being a consultant with compassion and unconditional Love, you will be a blessing as you walk the path of service to others. You can help to bring clarity, deep insight and understanding of relationships and situations  to others through the Akashic Field.

In the Access Wisdom for Another workshop you will learn:

  • New vibrational key to align with divine energy and access the Akashic Record for another person.
  • Start on your path to a new career as a Certified Akashic Consultant with Akashic Knowing School of Wisdom
  • Guiding questions to assist your clients in receiving useful information.
  • Experience the beautiful energy of another’s Akashic Record and receive validating through this process.
  • Deepen into the Akashic Field information and energy.

Prerequisite: Course I & 2

Akashic Course 3 is Available In-Person or Live on the Phone/Webinar

That workshop changed my life...

After 20 years of exploring everything on the map and being a medical intuitive for a living all those years I couldn't imagine getting much from saying a prayer. Lisa and her students kept telling me how powerful the class was but I didn't believe it. Finally I had a free weekend and I decided to take the class just to share in a room of high vibration made by conscious people. That workshop changed my life! It turbo charged me by giving a greater expansion of support from the Keepers in ways I'd forgotten about. In addition to that, the 6 other students in the class who had little or no prior experience with Guidance attunement, all were instant accurate psychics! Lisa was able to answer questions both days that kept raising the vibe. I got connected to a support system that I can now tap into daily. And do. Anybody can give you a piano but not everyone can tune it without some instruction.

Madelyn S.

It was amazing how easy it was to access the Akashic Records...

Lisa...thank you,
You have expanded my Spiritual Journey. It was amazing how easy and effective it was to learn to access the Akashic Records on the phone and across the country.
Bless you,

New York, NY

The work done in this class was life changing...

Lisa is an extremely gifted instructor and channel. The work done in this class has far-reaching, life changing, and yet gentle effects. Gaining greater clarity and ability to listen to myself has been a tremendous gift. I would recommend this class for absolutely anyone who is open and interested in real change and growth in their own life path.

Cynthia W.

Lisa's class is phenomenal.

Lisa's class is phenomenal. Her presentation was very clear and precise, along with being so very interesting! I found all her Akashic Record processes & clearings so very powerful! She has a beautiful connection to her students & makes it such a pleasure to be in her classroom.

North Carolina

I will take more Akashic Classes from Lisa.

Lisa is bright, cheerful, deep and very careful with the students & the material. Very directed & expansive in her focus & questions that spur us on to deeper knowing. She is a clear teacher and the class helped me keep my path of commitment to the Akashic Record and spirituality.

The energy & cohesiveness of this class was awesome. I will take more Akashic Classes from Lisa.

D. B.

There are dormant gifts in you just waiting to be released

Lisa is an amazing teacher. She and the Masters of the Akashic Record have a very affective way of integrating the wisdom of the Akashic Field into the innate understanding of the human being & human mind.

The last 2 days have been and will continue to be an expansive & truly healing experience.

I strongly suggest that you allow yourself to awake this tool and the dormant gifts in you just waiting to be released. Discover yourself in the light of Truth.

A. P.

The communication flowed so freely from the beginning...

Just wanted to say, I was in tears almost immediately the class started. I was getting pictures of the Masters, teachers and loved ones even before we got to the prayer and I just felt the communication flowing so freely from the beginning.

Over the past two years I've been wanting to resurrect my intuitive abilities, which is one of the reasons I'm doing your course and I really felt drawn to it amongst the plethora of resources available over the internet.

Thanks heaps and I'm looking forward to the coming weeks.

Tim D.

I’m so blessed to have the Akashic Records to help me in my life

I was a newbie, having learned about the Akashic Records within the past 3 weeks. After completing the 2 day course I’m so surprised how confident I am at retrieving information through my Masters & Teachers of My Akashic Record. Lisa was a fabulous teacher and provided us with so much insight & information I had never learned before. I’m so blessed to have learned about Lisa’s classes and that I have the Akashic Records to help me in my life.

Sandy C.

I’d highly recommend you take this class to enrich your own life

I have found information from the Akashic Records to be profound, unique, and many times, life changing. It can move your growth so much further than when you deal with things on your own.

Lisa is the perfect teacher of this esoteric knowledge because she is grounded, non-judgmental, can see the viewpoints and needs of people from all walks of life. She also has extensive experience in many healing modalities, has a wealth of experience in reading and healing others and has taught many people this profound work. I’d highly recommend you take this class to enrich your own life and develop further insights on your spiritual path.

Lucy L.

This amazing workshop reconnected me to my inner realm...

Dear Sister of Light,

Thank you for teaching this amazing workshop. It has reconnected me to my inner realm and reminded me of the value of delving within. The tools will help me access information more readily. It comforts me to know the Akashic Record Keepers are there anytime I choose to ask questions and listen to them. This will really assist in decision making. Thank you so much!

Ilona M.

I have grown more in the last 8 months by working with Lisa than the last 20 years working on my own.

This is my third class with Lisa. While the basic information is the same in the classes I have repeated, she adapts and adjusts the delivery of the information for each student and their abilities and each group. As always the info is clearly expressed, all questions are answered with thoughtfulness and care. I have grown more in the last 8 months by working with Lisa than the last 20 years working on my own.

Holly B.

I highly recommend Lisa as an Akashic Records instructor.

Lisa's "Access Your Personal Wisdom" workshop was so amazing. Her teaching style is well organized and her instruction is set at an easy to follow pace. I must say, that I think the world of Lisa's gift in conveying a sense of safety and confidence building during the workshop. Both days were filled with confidence building exercises, which were a big help to me, and as I observed, to everyone else in the class. I highly recommend Lisa as an Akashic Records instructor.

Glen D.
EFT Teacher