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A Journey of Awakening

Move outside of time and space and enter the quantum field of the Akasha, where all that has happened, is happening, and will happen is energetically

encoded in its domain.

This enlightening book, guides the reader on a journey to embrace the path their soul has laid out for them.  Providing the answers to the questions that, until now, have not been answerable.

“The Infinite Wisdom” is an extraordinary book which offers Lisa’s 5-Step Wisdom Prayer system. This empowerment tool will teach you to Access Your Akashic Records and understand your life.
It’s no accident, but rather divine timing, that Lisa has written this book now, when so many have unanswered questions. By simply reading a prayer, every page of his book can transform you effortlessly.” Jack Canfield

Shift the course of your life by clearing Karmic blocks and soul contracts with ease

What if you could shift the course of your life by understanding your Soul Plan, clearing Karmic blocks shifting soul contracts with ease?

As the Akashic Knowing School of Wisdom founder and having more than 25 years of experience, I’ve devised a powerful transformation tool that heals your mind and soul. Akashic Records reading, is an Empowerment Tool that records the Akashic Record, of your soul, including information from past and present life. Find the answers, heal yourself, clear all blocks, and move forward with certainty.

Your Akashic Record Keepers are waiting to heal and assist you in creating the life your soul desires. Start with one Healing Session to clear the questions and receive soul guidance. Or choose session series for deep healing and be free from past life karma blocking your success.

Soul Healing

Do you want to heal your soul? Do you want to get freedom from past life traumas? There is no other therapy like soul healing to live a peaceful life. Soul healing directly, strongly, and positively impacts your life.
Souls have the unique capacity to heal themselves, which makes them completely impressive. To enable your soul to heal, you need to remove the blockage and enable you to be mindful.
Get yourself trained with Lisa Barnett to approach your soul’s accumulated wisdom to unblock the blockage that is not allowing you to move forward in your life, keeping you stuck where you are right now.
Lisa Barnett’s soul healing sessions are highly holistic, demonstrative, and transpersonal; they work on various spiritual levels simultaneously. She will provide you with complete information from when your soul was formed.

Your Akashic Records training has all the information of your previous incarnations, whether you have disturbed memories, struggling relationships, financial issues, career problems, money blocks, or abandonment; Lisa Barnett will help you to access the information from your previous life that is blocking you to live a purposeful & peaceful life. She will help you heal your soul from past life trauma by accessing this knowledge and providing you with complete information from your past life. There is not any age or gender restriction.

By going throught Akashic Records reading, you will be connected with your soul deeper and scrutinize all the gifts and wisdom hidden in your records.Spiritual healing, and get started on your spiritual healing journey.

Akashic Records Prayer

Lisa Barnett believes that associating yourself with your real inner self is the best way to meet your soul’s desires and attain true success.

From Questioning to Knowing: 73 Prayers to Transform Your Life was channeled through Lisa for humanity from the Akashic Lords to support those who want to fulfill their life’s purpose and create their soul dream by living a life that is free from negative ties to the past.

Spiritual Healing

Do you want to grow spiritually? Or are you dealing with various issues in your life and need instant help? Get yourself healed with Lisa Barnett’s spiritual healing sessions.

Lisa Barnett believes that spiritual healing greatly improves the quality of life.

She access the healing power of the Quantum field with guidance for her clients from the Akashic Record Keepers. They assist in clearing old karmic patterns, trauma, emotional pain, past life vows and karma that are still affecting us today.
It is crucial to get done your healing sessions with someone who always thinks positive, loves the world, and is naturally optimistic.
If you want healing sessions with someone who is not only trustworthy and reputable but also full of life, happiness, and peace, you must get Lisa Barnett’s healing sessions and buy her meditation books.

Meanwhile, you can also enroll yourself in her Akashic records Online & In-Person classes to access your records and heal yourself spiritually on your own.

When it comes to spiritual healing Lisa Barnett is the best option to go to for your healing session. She spends unlimited hours in akashic records meditation & her vibrational energy is very high.

With Lisa Barnett, your spirit will be uplifted, and your energy will be revitalized. Contact Lisa Barnett for a consultation if you are looking for an effective yet unique.

When you access your records through Akashic Records Prayer, you If you want to open your Akashic Records reading, you need to learn the opening prayer first. It is also known as pathway prayer. Akashic records prayer is one of the most effective ways to access the Akashic Records.
will feel like you have already made contact with the Akashic Realm.

Lisa Barnett will teach you how to connect with pure intention and consciousness and be aware of how you open & close the records. By learning this, you will be able to identify, build a relationship, and become acquainted with the energy and consciousness of the Akashic records.
Learn with Lisa Barnett to access and open your records.
I look forward to working with you
in this sacred way.

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