Dear Ones,

We would like to offer you a word of encouragement at this time of year. The Holidays are upon you and many are feeling the stress and overwhelm. Some are feeling the Joy, but on the Earth at this time, it is fewer than usual.

You are diligently holding the Light but for you it may feel that the Light is bouncing off you and not soaking in at all. There is much rewiring going on, on every level of the planet. It is those beings that are so sensitive to have heard the Calling to hold the Light that often feel the strain and the drain of their precious life force energy. As you act as Lightening Rods for the Divine Light you also need to feed your bodies and your Souls. Rest and good food is so essential as we go through this time of quickening. Many are tired and overwhelmed with all there is to do. Go deep into your hearts and ask from there; What is mine to do? How can I be of service to myself today so I can also be of service to mankind?

You know it is important to take care of self, but at this very busy time of year you forget. Schedule a nap or a walk into your calendar. Follow your guidance about the next party or gathering. Ask first in your heart if this is where you are to put your energy. Remember your  Light is circling the Globe. Your energy is important to preserve. You are releasing old patterns of unworthiness and integrating new patterns of wholeness and Love. Allow yourself the time to relax into this new energy so you can go forward in 2012 overflowing with the Grace and Light of the Divine.

You are a blessed being. Be the Love you are.

Until another time,

The Masters of the Akashic Field

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