Dear Ones,

Many of you have noticed a level of stress that has become an undercurrent in your daily life. This may have been with you all of your life, or for some of you it is new this year. Of course there are more stresses in your world than we have time to discuss. This one is good to acknowledge so you can let it go. As you notice the Energetic and Planetary changes, we often are concerned about what is happening or what may happen in 2012. We have witnessed much death with the cataclysmic Earth changes and wonder what may happen in our area.

The stress we speak about today We will call “Fear of Death vs Fear of Life”. It is usually a low level feeling that you may experience as an elevated heart rate or difficulty breathing deeply. This is very different than heart dis-ease or asthma. Sometimes it feels like indecision or an inability to move forward or act on your thoughts and desires. You may feel frozen, a bit like a “deer in the head lights”.

The way we see the” Big Picture” is that the Soul and Personality are having the same experience and each is interpreting it differently. It may come from a minor “out of body” experience or a more serious Near-Death Experience. It’s possible to be the side effect of Psychedelic drugs or even too many prescription drugs, pain-killers or sleeping pills, allowing your Soul to journey far from the body during sleep or surgery. For the Soul, this feeling of Freedom, of remembering it’s immortality. The Soul remembers it Is Infinite, Love and Joy. expansiveness and power are re-awakened. When the person awakens, there is a sense of loss, which may be mistaken for fear. The person may associate it with a fear of dying or the acknowledgement that life is finite. When the personality doesn’t trust it’s immortality you experience a disconnect from the Soul. The Fear of Death may replace the knowing we are an Infinite Soul in a Finite Body.

We would say there is not too much To Do about this accept know the Truth of who you are. Remember you are Infinite and Eternal. You may practice trust and faith. Focus on the fact that you are on your Soul Path. That every guided step is a perfect step, no matter what it looks like on the outside. Remind yourself that You = personality + soul make the whole. Continue to listen to your Spirit, speak often with the Masters of your Akashic Record to assist you in staying on your path as the energies of world continue to change. We encourage you to release the Fear of Death and revel in the Joy of Life.

Much Love to you Always,

One of the Masters of the Akashic Record.

Open Your Akashic Record and Discover the Gifts of Your Soul


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