Dear Ones,

Today is a day of opening. It is a day that many have waited for. The planetary alignments that have happened throughout the year are openings to even more Truth and Love. The message we would like to share on this profound day is simple and yet life changing.

Today starts the beginning of an eleven day Portal. This Gateway or Portal is open for you to integrate and assimilate the new Light that has been streaming to Earth and continues, in a more powerful way through this Gateway.

The way to access and deepen into this Gateway energy is simple: Be the Love!

Be the Love you wish to have in your life. Be the Love you wish to see in the world.

You have the potential to fully Awaken as you open your Hearts to the Light that is moving to the Earth. We are starting into a time of instant manifestation. Choose Love and Joy. Spend time daily, especially in this eleven day Gateway to Live in your Heart. This is a powerful way to set this new way of being for all that is to come. You are and will remain beings of freewill. That is one of the reasons why souls love the Earth. Use your freewill to choose the highest thought: Love.

Spend time in a state of Forgiveness and Divine communion as you release any past thoughts of harm done to you. Realize it is a perfect time to step from the old belief of victimization to Empowerment. We remind you, you are big and powerful souls. Change your human experience to one of Love and Joy and you will create heaven on Earth for yourselves and humankind.

This is your time to shine in the Divine Light of Awakening that is flooding the Earth. Seize the moment. Continue to bring each thought back to Love. That is the only Truth. 

Open Your Akashic Record and Discover the Gifts of Your Soul

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