Dear Ones,

An auspicious time in the history of this planet had arrived, 2012. We are so pleased to see so many people excited and energized at the prospect of what this year holds for them.

This year holds many wondrous things for mankind including a bit of Magic. That has been gone from this old 3D world for a long time and now it’s back in 5D. You may notice the sparkle and flash of Magic as your heart and intention create wondrous possibilities for you.

We suggest you start out simply. Notice your Hearts Desire and follow it. Find easy ways to ground your intention and desire into your life. If you wish to move from being in the corporate world to helping people heal their bodies, you may start with a simple nutrition class at your local college. The magic is in the Baby Steps. It’s important to know that every step on the path counts, not just the “arriving”. You will see change, healing and Magic all along your route. And if it doesn’t feel like you’re on a straight path, just know your Soul is guiding your way. Trust and feel into your Heart for guidance.

We wish you Love and Magic in this Blessed New Year.

The Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones (M,T,L.O.) of the Akashic Field

Open Your Akashic Record and Discover the Gifts of Your Soul

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