Dear Ones,
It is our honor to spend time with you today. We wish to communicate some information that we feel will be useful to you at this time. Many have felt challenged in this new year. There was great hope that as Earth moved through the 12-12-12 Portal that life would ease. Yet for many, there has been great challenge in all ways. There has been much intense illness and viruses, many have chosen to leave the planet and there have been many physical “accidents” that have taken a toll on the body and psyche.
We wish to explain this phenomena this way; as Mother Earth/Gaia is releasing and healing her body, the old dark & negative energy is moving through the human Earth plane which causes many of these disturbance that you feel.
If you can image it this way: when you have an energy healing of your body, as you release the old energy, thoughts, beliefs and fear, you may feel very tired or out of sorts and emotional for a day or two. This is because the energy is moving from within your body, chakras, energy field and out into your auric field. It’s been hidden inside your body and now that it’s outside in your aura, it is visible and may “feel worse” than when it was hidden and un-noticed on a conscious level. If you take this analogy for your body to the size and mass of the Earths body, you can then understand why much of what you are feeling and experiencing feels dense, sticky and grungy.
You and Mother Earth are both receiving great healing and as you both let go of the old and step into the new energies there is a lag time between releasing the old, seeing/feeling it move through you and out and then the process of integrating the new energies. This time of integration also may affect your body and will be facilitated by healthy, light eating, plenty of rest or time in a meditative state and outdoor time to ground this new Light and become a conscious Bridge of the Light for yourself, humankind and Gaia.
Blessing to on this profound work that you are undertaking. Be kind and patient with yourself and those around you. Life is a process. Enjoy the Journey on your Soul Path.
You are deeply and unconditionally Loved.

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