I am so curious because every time I read about the Akashic Records: Your Soul’s Library. I have an idea about what this experience of an Akashic library would be. I’d go through these doors, there is a lot of wood and marble. It’s an old building. There are stacks of books.  There are index files where you can find books or maybe today now it’s all on a computer. Is it anything like that for you when you go to this library that is supposed to be the knowledge of human experience and the history of the cosmos, like a universal super computer?  As an expert what do you actually see when you go there?


Well it’s really interesting and because really the world is so ever changing. What I would say is when I first started to access the records years and years ago, I used to see really that kind of beautiful big stone library, I would go through the expansive doors and really get that phenomenal experience of being in this huge ancient library. And then actually the way I find it goes for myself and most of my students, the longer you keep moving into the energy and working in the Akashic field, the more expansive it gets. And so now it’s actually more like opening the doors and stepping into the void; into real infinity because the records are that vast. They are the infinite wisdom and knowledge of all.


So Lisa then when you take down a book and the records are opening. I mean do you literally see there is a book that says Lisa Barnett’s life from 1800’s?


For me, the way it feels and appears is when I open the records for a person, I’m actually walking into your vibrational library. You’ve got your own personal library. And it’s filled with books which represent hundreds and thousands of lifetimes. So your library is going to look a little bit different than someone else’s library because they’re really built with your energy and your soul lineage. So your library is different than anyone else you know. As I move into the Akashic field of a client and they start to ask question, it’s not Books that come to me, but images and knowing. I’ll see a snap shot from a past life or from your childhood and “Know” the story in a Claircogniscent  sense. I can also clear old Karma and contracts that are ready to be completed. Because the Akashic Record is the information arm of God/Source, that is where deep and profound healing can be done.

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Lisa cleared energy and healed karmic chords and I instantly felt lighter.

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