The July Explosion

 For the last 8 months The Akashic Masters have been saying to me “July!” They didn’t say much more but I’d feel a big BURST of energy and see something that appeared to be an Explosion!

This was fine back in February, March and even April but as we moved into June I started to get nervous. What was coming in July? Was it personal? Would something happen to me? Or was it for everyone?

At the end of May I was doing an Akashic Consultation and the clients asked “What’s next?” It was the perfect question in the perfect moment with a high vibrational client who was also holding the intention to receive Akashic wisdom.

Infinite Bursting Forth

At that moment I saw the image of a capsized ship, sinking in the water, but instead of it hitting the sandy bottom the ship appeared to shoot through the infinite water and BURST out, right side up in another world, in a new dimension!

 The Akashic Beings of Light said to me “July is the perfect planetary and energetic alignment and opportunity to flip from the 3rd dimension into the 5th dimension.” I was then told that the Sun would be opposed to Pluto in July. I’m not an astrologer but what I was told in the Akashic Record was that Pluto represents the old dark energy and the Sun being the Light will help to shine the Light on our darkness. Pluto is offering us the chance to break through illusions and evolve and to rebirth ourselves into the 5th dimension, if we’re ready.

Many people have been waiting for this since 12/21/12 and will leap with joy! Others will continue releasing the unnecessary patterns of the 3rd dimension and look into the face of what has been holding them back. They may take a slow stroll into the 5th dimension but I know that we are all destined to arrive there one day.

Multi-Dimensional Friends

When I asked what this would look like for us this is the example that the Beings of Light gave. Imagine your sitting with your best multi-dimensional friend having tea in your living room.  An old friend that you don’t have much in common with anymore drives by with the intention to borrow some great shoes you have. When she shows up she decides no one is home and keeps on driving.

The people who are out of alignment with us and our path and energy will stop calling and showing up in our lives. They will literally “forget about us”. No drama or destructive energy. We may notice people drifting way but we’ll definitely notice our soul family showing up.  New friends who are aligned with your energy and path will find you and offer to support you on your journey as you do the same for them. Another wonderful benefit of this 5th dimension is that creating your dreams and manifesting your desires will be fun, easy and instantaneous. It’s a glorious time to be alive. See you in the 5th. 

“Owning your multi-dimensionality allows you to know your Infinite Self and the Truth of your Divinity.”  ~The Akashic Masters

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