Most of us walk through our daily life just down here on street level. We see people and we think they’re just these human beings with issues or traumas and we make up a story about them. But when we start to access our own Akashic records, we’re lifted vibrationally and energetically into a very different plane and all of our traumas and our pains are visible to us in a very different way. As we shift our view of life and feel that energetically and move into this high vibration, it is profoundly healing because it’s divine force energy. It is actually the information arm of God where the energy of the Akashic records is stored. We’re moving into this vibration, which is one of the highest vibrations we can move into, with ease and the healing is profound and the vision is profound in there.

The Akashic records are the information arm of divine force energy, though we often think of it as a library, it’s a divine library. It is where everything throughout time has been stored. Every person has their very own record through time immemorial, so that you have a whole library filled with books about who you’ve been and what you’ve done. Imagine that every book represents a lifetime. You may have 600-800 lifetimes here just on planet Earth, not to mention other planes, dimensions and planets along with the possibility you’ve lived in the angelic realm or the elemental/fairy realm. All this you’ve done and more. We are infinite beings; we are eternal beings. We have vast Akashic records. What we find in the Akashic field is that when we ask the questions, we’ll get 2-5 layers of information because the records are so vast. You just have to ask the questions.

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