QUESTION:  The buzz that I hear is that there is a mystery around the Akashic Records and there’s so much misinformation. Can you explain this?

You’re right about the mystery. I’ll tell you why it’s such a mystery. The truth is that thousands of years ago, the Akashic Record – which is simply the record of your soul – was readily available to everyone. All people were able to access their soul wisdom, this divine guidance for themselves. Life flowed with much more ease and grace in those time as people worked with nature, nature spirits and Angelic realms. This is back 1,000 AD to 10,000 BC. As we moved forward into modern times, into the dark ages, into the Middle Ages, the information that was available and the access to the Akashic Record was being misused. People would access the Akashic Records and it’s a divine field of wisdom, for information on how to win a war or where someone’s treasures are hidden. Some people began to use this divine wisdom and guidance for greed and for their own advancement. The Beings of Light that keep the Akashic Records for everyone pulled the vibration away from planet Earth.

Who Has Access to the Akashic Record?

It became very difficult for anyone that was not a strong spiritual path, such as monks or nuns or gurus, to access the Akashic Field. Because spiritual masters could always access the information the guidance and story of the Akashic Record remained but the ordinary person was no longer able to access this information so they could no longer misuse it and it fell into mystery. What we know is that the Akashic record is called the Book of Life in the Bible and has many biblical references.  We know that many of the great writings and teachings throughout history have been channeled through this Akashic field.

Energy and Light

With much more information than your average library, the Akashic Record and expansive Akashic Field holds the information of all realms and dimensions. It is your personal library of your soul’s journey through out time immemorial. Every life you’ve ever lived, every place, whether it was earth or another planet, the angelic realms, the elemental or the fairy realms, wherever you have been or lived or whatever it is that you have done, is recorded in this etheric energy. There are Beings of Light, which I often call the masters or the teachers and they are your very own personal Beings of Light that keep your records for you throughout time immemorial. You can imagine these Beings of Light as your private librarians. These Akashic Beings have been with you forever. When you learn to access this information and begin to open your own personal Akashic record and speak to your Beings of Light and ask for guidance it really transforms your life. It makes it possible to get on your path easily, to understand the soul contracts you have, karma you have with different people and why and what you came to this life to do, your purpose in being here. Please join us in the Akashic Record and Transform your life.

Open Your Akashic Record and Discover the Gifts of Your Soul


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