How can the Akashic Records help us when we have an issue or trauma in our life?

One of the greatest gifts we get when we start to open our own Akashic records and do this high vibrational work, is we start to comprehend how expansive we truly are. You are able to see how infinite your soul is and how many hundreds lives you’ve lived. Life is not just whatever little story you’re experiencing today – that’s just one little bitty piece of who you really are. As you Experience the Truth of that in your Akashic Record daily, your life will transform.

When we start to look at past lives in your Akashic Record (Course 2), you will likely find vows you have taken which have you stuck now in this life.

Most people do not realize how much their past lives affect this present life. Most of us have take a “Vow of Poverty” in a spiritual past life. It may affect now by making you uncomfortable to charge for your services or charge a fair wage for your time and talents for the energy work you do. You think that because  it’s “spiritual” work you should give it away for free; that’s the old “Vow of Poverty” talking.  Or maybe you’re afraid to speak out and say what you think for fear of retaliation. That may come from a past life in which you were killed for speaking your truth.

When you go into that energy of a specific past life to clear and release those old vows or traumatic experiences, you are able to reclaim the positive energy to benefit you now.

It’s profound and also fun to realize you are a multidimensional being, able to move in and out of time and space. In the Akashic field, we can literally go back into a past life and heal it and because there truly is no time and space. When we release trapped or stuck energy in a past life, that energy shifts in this present time, allowing you to experience more of who you truly are as an infinite soul.

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