3591333481_dca9582f051As we were discussing in the last post, as lightworkers, we come into this life intending to accomplish many things. But even the most powerful lightworkers can get caught up in the minutiae of life and forget the big plans you made for your soul. This is when the Universe jumps in.

When you’re not progressing as planned, the Universe starts sending you messages.

I have found the fast and easiest way to get back on track and follow divine soul guidance is by accessing the Akashic Records.

Here are 5 more ways your Akashic Records and the Beings of Light can assist you in transforming your life:

6)  Spiritual guidance

In order for most people to make a change we need to receive some form of validation that the potential change is a good idea. Your Akashic Records can give you that from your own soul level perspective in order to be able to make the changes that you want.

7)  Re-align your energy

The Akashic Records are part of divine source energy, the highest vibration available. By accessing your own Akashic Records, you can achieve amazing energetic clearing of any blocks and restrictions found there. Through deep work you can restore your alignments to divine love, light, truth, abundance, and power.

8)  An inner strength

If you’re ready to make real change, you understand that change comes from commitment and consistent work and the absolute willingness to change. Your Akashic Beings of Light are here to help and support you every day in walking your path to change.

9)  Past-life understanding

People talk about finding a true purpose and soul path. By connecting with your Akashic Records, you can learn about your soul lineage and the amazing lives you’ve lived. These powerful, wonderful lives are what we bring to this life to experience and share. When you understand who you are at soul level, you can become clear and firm in your decisions and commitments to be on your soul path.

10)  Feel connected

Through your records, you will experience a profound connection with who you are as a soul and your connection to the divine source of the Universe. You will experience a profound feeling of peace and joy knowing that we are all One.

About the author

Lisa Barnett is an author, Akashic teacher, consultant, healer, and the founder of Akashic Knowing School of Wisdom. She specializes in teaching people to access their own Akashic Records by aligning them with their individual soul path toward greater fulfillment, happiness, and abundance.


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Owner, OH
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