July BlogWhat is my soul’s purpose? 

This is a questions often asked in Akashic Records Readings.

The Akashic Beings of Light usually tell us that it is much more complex than one thing. Because you are ancient souls you have many purposes and often many paths in a single life on earth.

Sometimes a souls main purpose and desire is to hold the Light for the World — and we can do that being a teacher, working in a bank or driving a bus.  We can be very clearly on our soul’s path without being a healer, a psychic or spiritual teacher.  Often our path includes stages and having to bring one stage to completion before progressing to the next.  But how do we know what our soul’s path is and if we are actually on it?

So much of this information is available to us in the Akashic Records.  We can learn details about our soul purpose.  Although it’s interesting to know what our soul path is, it’s even more critical in these times to make sure we are in alignment energetically which supports our progress toward awakening. 

Sometimes our soul path involves very mundane, everyday things.

One part of your purpose maybe to parent. This includes all the day to day tasks of shopping, cooking, laundry, cleaning and teaching your children. Not so glamorous sounding but the Love and spiritual growth that can come from this experience is soul changing.

When I teach people how to access their Akashic Records, I encourage them to ask questions simple questions every day to help raise their energy vibration, such as,

  • “What would be in my highest and best soul interest to do today?”
  • “How can I best be of service today?”
  • “Is there something to eat today for my health?”  or
  • “What would be the best type of exercise for me today?” 

I find that as people align their daily lives with what is their highest and best good according to their Akashic Records, it becomes easier to make bigger shifts and accomplish major projects like starting a business or writing a book. 

I would’ve never thought that MY path would involve writing a book.

But, indeed, it did.  When my masters told me that I was to write a book, I thought, “I don’t know how to write a book!”  But I used my Records to access the wisdom from my past lives in which I was a successful writer.  Tapping into that energy allowed me to get my book, The Infinite Wisdom of the Akashic Records, published.

This book accomplishes an important part of my soul path, which is to bring the wisdom of the Akashic Records to the world.  In it, I teach the reader how to access their own records in the same way I teach my students in person.  So every reader can learn THEIR own soul’s purpose and ensure they are aligned and progressing on that path.  Who knows, maybe it’s your soul purpose to write a book, too!

Learn more about the book, plus claim 3 Free Gifts, here: theinfinitewisdom.com.

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