Message from the Akashic Masters

akashic-book-ilDearest Akashic Student,

We are so pleased that you continue to join us in the Akashic Field.

Our message today is related to the beautiful light that you are helping to bring to earth through your hearts and the Akashic connection.

Thank you for doing this healing work for yourselves and humanity as you truly are all one.

As you heal yourself, you heal the world. Please don’t doubt this. No matter the out picturing in the news and sad events around you, we wish you to remember to stay centered in your hearts and know the truth of your soul. You are all vibrant, divine souls having this human experience. As you come into Akashic Alignment you will find it easier to feel Love and see people around you as Divine. Now is the time to delve deeper into your Akashic work.

We remind you that often as the old energy which holds pain, trauma and darkness leaves your energy field, you feel that old negative energy as it leaves. Some may feel it as sadness or fear and others may call in another challenge. These challenges are here to remind you of your strength. As you choose something new or different and release the old negative energy you will solidify this learning so it no longer is repeated in your life.

This is happening also in the world as the darkness fights for its place in the world.

It is leaving as the Earth/Gaia herself is raising her vibration. As the old energy leaves it is seen for what it is. Many are up in arms at the lies they’ve lived with for hundreds of years. Many are reacting to this dark energy in negative ways as that old story it “their story” and they are afraid to lose the power of the dark.

It is our place to Shine the Light so it has no place to hide. Allow yourself to stand in your Truth and in your Heart. We are filled with compassion for humanity and we offer you this Akashic Healing Prayer to support you.


Mother, Father, Goddess, God, I AM Peace and this peace permeates my heart.

As I feel it in the depth of my soul, I expand this to embrace the world.

I AM PEACE and as I know this is true for me, I know this is true for humanity.

I AM One with All.

So it is. Blessed Be.


Much Love to You Always,

The Akashic Masters

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