Answering your akaskic record questionsI’ve noticed a recurring theme lately, both from my students and clients. So many people are suffering from a lack of self-worth.  Held back by doubt and low self-esteem.

I know the feeling. Not so many years ago, I was asked by the Akashic Record Keepers to be a “lightning rod of the Akashic Records.” They asked me to bring Akashic information into the world, teaching, consulting and guiding others.

I thought that was crazy!  I felt so Ordinary!  I’m a wife and a mom.  I’m just a daughter and a friend.  I go to the grocery store and to the doctor.

Who am I to bring this divine light and wisdom to the World?

I hear the same from many beautiful light workers and healer who ought to have No Doubt of the Truth of their Divinity and gifts.

Through much of history, until the Dark Ages, humans had daily access to the divine guidance of the Akasha.  They lived much more in the flow of the world around them and had constant access to divine guidance. However, because man started to use the Records without integrity, the field of energy of the Akashic Records was pulled from the Earth.

The Masters explained to me that, about 60 years ago, humans had once again regained their ability to work in the Akashic Records out of the integrity of their hearts.  So the tools were given to us to simplify the mystery of this divine realm and teach mankind to access the Akashic Record for everyday use.

Not only is it our birthright to receive this and to be divinely guided every day, it is our soul’s purpose to connect the compassion and unconditional love of the Akashic Records field of energy to the Earth.  The more light workers we engage in this work, the easier it will become for everyone to access this source of divine guidance.

Over many years of working in the Records, I was guided to open my own school, the Akashic Knowing School of Wisdom.  Even though I often doubt that I am the one to do this, I have embraced the request from my Akashic Masters. I have recognized that my soul’s work is to bring this source of wisdom and guidance to the world.

I tell you this because you too have a soul purpose and by learning to access your Akashic Records, you can receive help and guidance to clear your doubt or feelings of unworthiness.

If you’d like to learn how to Access your Personal Akashic Record Wisdom, (Course One class) is where you begin.  It’s available live on the internet, in San Francisco and other cities or recorded as a home study version.

So, whether you feel worthy or whether you feel ordinary, the Masters of the Akashic Records are waiting with joy to connect with you.

Open Your Akashic Record & Discover the Gifts of Your Soul

Upcoming Events

Jan 30th – March 6th
Course 1: Teleseminar

April 3rd – May 15th
Course 2: Teleseminar


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