Is Karma Preventing Your AbundanceWhen we hear the word karma, most of us think of retribution – punishment for something done either to us or by us. The Akashic Masters respectfully disagree. Their perspective is that karma is an incomplete life lesson, one that causes challenges to show up because the soul longs to resolve it and move on.

The truth is karma is neither good nor bad.

Karma just is. But it can affect all areas of your life and is often most noticeable when the impact is around money. Many times, financial difficulties get blamed on the economy or someone who did us “wrong.” This is a disempowered point of view and one that can be changed with the help of the Akashic Records.

A woman named Nanette took a couple of Akashic Records courses with me as she was trying to figure out next steps for her business. Through the work, she was guided to focus on forgiveness. The Masters gave me a prayer on forgiveness and instructions for her to read it every night before bed.

Within two months, a name popped into her head, someone she hadn’t thought of in a very long time – a man who had wronged her financially years earlier. Nanette admitted she’d tried a lot of different ways to forgive him, but realized from the feelings that surrounded the memory that she’d only diluted her anger and hurt.

Nanette told me that when his name surfaced this time, she felt a shift. Forgiveness washed over her and and she forgave him completely. All that remained was peace and relief. It also removed the block she was experiencing around her next steps and she began to confidently move in the direction that was best for her business.

Karma isn’t always about past lives. Sometimes it’s just about the past.

Either way, the Akashic Masters always know what it takes to clear karma and smooth the path to our highest good. While we struggle to figure out why things aren’t going the way we wanted, the Masters are there, ready to guide us to an easier way if we’re willing to listen and take action.

When we work in our personal Akashic Records, it’s possible to understand the karmic cycles that affect our lives. The Akashic Lords gave me that healing prayer not just to benefit Nanette, but to help all of us release pain in order to forgive and move on so we can express the real nature of our souls.

The Prayer for Forgiveness is in my new book, From Questioning to Knowing: 73 Prayers to Transform Your Life. It’s only been out a month and I’m already getting great feedback about how it’s supporting people in their desire to know their true abundance.

If you hurry, you can still access the many free gifts I’m giving away to celebrate – even if you don’t purchase the book. Claim your free gifts and discover some of the many ways you, too, can raise your vibration and experience more abundance!

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Lisa cleared energy and healed karmic chords and I instantly felt lighter.

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United Kingdom
For the first time in years, I can see a clear path to reignite my passion for my profession.

I cannot say enough good things about Lisa and her Akashic reading.  Having really looked forward to the reading, I could not believe it when my 2 alarms did not go off and I was 10 minutes late. I could not help but think, “What in the World d...

Dianna A.
Owner, OH
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