How can you support your business with the Akashic Records?

Working in the Akashic Records can help you to heal trauma, past life karma and discover your soul purpose some of which may affect your ability to create a heart centered and lucrative business. You can access the Akashic Records to help yourself in very practical ways, including supporting your business.

Begin a Daily Practice

You can start each day by asking your Akashic Masters to:

  • “Help me to organize my day.”
  • “Show me how can I be of service to my community with my business”?
  •  “Is there a project that’s in the highest good for my business and my soul work”?
  • “What soul contracts do I have with this person who is offering me a job or offering to help me with my business”?

This daily business practice sets the intention to move through your day in alignment with your soul and Divine Energy.  The Akashic Masters will also give you practical steps to do if you ask.  But did you know your business actually has Akashic Records?

Everything in the Universe is made up of energy with its own Vibration. 

Your business has its own set of unique Records, as does your family group and even your pets. As you learn to Access Akashic Wisdom for Another (taught in Course 3), you will be able to open the records of your business.  You can ask questions such as,

  • “Is there something I’m to do that I’m unaware of to help support my business”?
  • “Are there any blocks to building abundance in my business that I can know and clear now”?

You can use the Records to understand how different people or situations may be affecting your business and what you can do to heal or clear any negative energy. There are many tools to support you and your business to make more money and to clear abundance blocks it might have.

The Akashic Records Can Help You Start a Spiritual Business

If you don’t have a business started yet, you may want to start an Akashic Record Career. You can do this by learning to access the records for other people and become a Certified Akashic Knowing Consultant & Healer.

Working in the Akashic Records of your business or starting your own Akashic Consulting business is perfect way to work in your heart as you work in your business.  It is really our birthright to have access to the divine wisdom and healing energy of our soul’s and the Beings of Light that are here to support you. It is time for you to receive this guidance and wisdom to align and super charge your work or business every day.


Open Your Akashic Record & Discover the Gifts of Your Soul

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Lisa cleared energy and healed karmic chords and I instantly felt lighter.

After a re-connection with an ex partner from over 2 decades ago, I was struggling to understand the feelings we were both experiencing in this rekindled friendship as these feelings were very intense. Lisa accessed my Akashic Record to see what e...

Rachel S.
United Kingdom
For the first time in years, I can see a clear path to reignite my passion for my profession.

I cannot say enough good things about Lisa and her Akashic reading.  Having really looked forward to the reading, I could not believe it when my 2 alarms did not go off and I was 10 minutes late. I could not help but think, “What in the World d...

Dianna A.
Owner, OH
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