Take a Shortcut to Happiness

Sometimes being happy doesn’t feel like a choice.

Whether it’s a challenge that feels insurmountable, a collection of irritations or even general frustration, being happy may feel like it requires more energy than we have in that moment. What would you say if I told you that working in the Akashic Records can be a shortcut that allows you more time to be happy?

Now, I know you might be thinking, “There is no such thing as a shortcut to happiness.” Many of us believe this because of cultural messages like: No pain no gain; Everything worth having must be earned or Reward only comes through sacrifice.

Let me be clear that by happiness, I mean a general feeling about life, not some Pollyanna-ish unsustainable state of being.

To me, happiness is a way of life.

Yes, there are things that happen to create momentary blips on my happiness radar. But my work with Akashic Masters means that the moments happen less frequently and don’t last as long when they do.

Think of it this way: Do you have waves of happiness in a sea of discontent or waves of discontent in a sea of happiness? When you use the Akashic Records to discover past life promises, karma and soul contracts, you can remove the blocks so you can create your own sea of happiness.

In order to be happy, the first thing you need to do is ask, “What will make me happy?”

Maybe it’s a healthy relationship or an abundant bank account. Perhaps it’s having the freedom to live your passion or even discovering a way to use your talents to make the world a better place. Most people never take the time to ask themselves this very important question.

Once you know the answer, you can ask the Akashic Masters what might be blocking your path. This discovery process is empowering. I’ve had clients become aware of soul contracts they made in another life that directly blocked their road to happiness. There have been some who were reliving vows, usually of poverty, they’d taken in a different life, but in this life only served to thwart their happiness and peace of mind.

When you become aware of what’s holding you back, you can then focus on releasing it. In my book, From Questioning to Knowing: 73 Prayers to Transform Your Life, there are prayers, given to me directly by the Akashic Masters, to release that which no longer serves you and to create the experiences you want. Working with them is sure to move you toward that state of happiness you desire.

Because I believe in the power of prayer, I am still offering all of the free gifts I created to celebrate the publication of the book, which includes two guided meditations and a prayer book! That’s how much I know working with the Akashic Records can benefit you.

It’s never too late to turn toward happiness. Why not start now?

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I feel so supported and loved.

Every time I go in to the Akashic Records it is healing. No kidding. And every day there are miracles like you wouldn’t believe. I feel so supported and loved.

Tarasa Lovick
I am now feeling deep happiness and joy

I feel like a large weight has been lifted off of my chest and am feeling deep happiness and joy in my heart. Have received a few realizations and more clarity regarding my life here. My heart feels more open and I feel more relaxed about life in ...

Virginia, USA
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