The Fallacy of How to Find Your Life Purpose

Find Your Life Purpose
What Exactly is a Life Purpose?

Many think of purpose as a divine job description – entrepreneur, artist, healer – when what’s important are the gifts and talents you’ve accumulated from numerous lifetimes. Specific paths you’ve chosen in other lives may be a piece of what you’re here to do this time, but they don’t necessarily equate to one new path.

Can you have more than one life purpose?

What I’ve discovered, both from my own journey, as well as supporting clients on theirs, is that most of us have more than one life, or soul, purpose, and often there are three to five. For me, my three have shown themselves as Communicator, Mother, and Healer.

The discovery of my first soul purpose was no surprise. I spent years in advertising and cultivated quite a successful career. These talents and skills – both honed from past lives and acquired in this one –  translated easily and I believe that is my over-arching soul purpose. Author, teacher and Akashic reader all fall under this umbrella.

I’ve known for a while that part of my purpose is to share the wisdom of the Akashic Records with humanity and to assist in helping people to remember the truth of who they are. All require me to be a skilled and thoughtful communicator.

Discovering my second soul purpose was more like a scavenger hunt. I never had any great drive or interest in having kids, but through my work in the Akashic Records, I learned I had four soul contracts to be a mother; three are my natural children, and one is my nephew, who I consider to be my son

It’s important to realize that you don’t need to give birth to a child to fulfill your soul purpose as a mother. Some women have a soul contract to be a Divine Mother, an important role that involves being the mother of all instead of one or two.

My third soul purpose only became obvious to me in retrospect. After working in the Akashic Records for two decades, the fact that I am a Healer seems obvious. I lived many lives as a healer of one sort or another and it’s clear to me that in this lifetime I came to use this skill to help heal trauma and emotional pain, which is essential for human evolution. Without the healing process, it’s impossible to remember the truth of who you are.

How You Can Find YOUR Life Purpose(s)

You may already be living in a way that is aligned with your soul purpose and just don’t recognize it. Many of us wait for that bolt of lightning or prop our eyes open so we don’t miss the special message that reveals this mysterious secret. That’s not the way it happens.

There are three environments in which we live our soul purpose: Work, Family, and Relationships.

If you can’t imagine that your current job is already a part of your purpose, I encourage you to examine your work from a different perspective. A client once came to me asking about his soul purpose, part of which he believed was to share love and wisdom with the people in his life.

He couldn’t fathom how his job in IT was related. When we dug deeper, he became clear that his ability to lead his team with compassion and wisdom fulfilled part of his life purpose. His gift of leadership was just being used in a way he hadn’t recognized.

What you do for a living is nowhere near as important as you how you operate in any given situation. The question is, are you at the highest and best that you can be today? This includes your relationships as well. The way you’ll know that you are acting in a way aligned with your Life Purpose is because you experience peace and contentment inside.

Create a Purpose Map

To go beneath the surface in your own life so you can see where you’re already living your life purpose, make four columns on a piece of paper to create your own Purpose Map. Here’s a part of mine:

Take a week or so to jot down thoughts as they come. When you’ve finished, look for the patterns. In mine, communicator is obvious, as are supporting others and making people feel safe and special. The characteristics that overlap all three environments show you where you are already living the life you were meant to live.

Some people want to make the concept of living their soul purpose complex and hard to find, but the path is there if you look. Using the gifts that come to you naturally and easily are the foundation of your life purpose; to uncover and share them is an ongoing journey.

Because you have more than one purpose, you may find that you are doing one or more, at any given time. It’s a path not a destination and expands and grows as you do. The Akashic Masters are always here to support your discovery and the prayers they share with me are valuable as well.

To help further your discovery and improve your ability to dissolve resistance, open your mind and create receptivity, download my free gift, which will help you to quiet those pesky distractions so all of your efforts are more powerful.  Use my gift to help you to connect with your personal Akashic guides and prepare to take the next step in uncovering your many Life Purposes!

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