Halloween: A Lot More than Costumes and Candy

Halloween pumpkins
In the Wicca tradition, Halloween is when the “veil” that separates our world from the one beyond is the most transparent. It’s also a great time to dive into your Akashic Records and discover how the experiences from your past lives prevent you from having what you want.

What is it you want?

Many come to me feeling stuck in their careers, relationships or other aspects of their lives. They are confused and sometimes resentful that they can’t seem to power through whatever blocks them. We’ve all been there. You feel led to pursue a particular path but feel thwarted at every turn. You question yourself, your intuition, and sometimes your sanity.

It’s a difficult place to be. Fortunately, there’s a way out.

All blocks come from one place.

My client Jane’s story is a perfect example of how receiving guidance and assistance from your Akashic Records can bring clarity to unanswered questions. A doctor with a solid medical practice, Jane felt a strong pull to bring her medical knowledge into the world in a larger way. But the debilitating fear she felt prevented her from moving forward.

In my experience, fear comes from a lack of soul knowledge and all of the answers lie in the Akashic Records. Being open to receive this information allows us to understand and release the karma and trauma behind the fear. Some people choose to believe that their desires aren’t possible. They give up on their dreams and go back to a life that is safe. Jane was determined to be different.

The Akashic Records can help end frustration.

Her mind kept telling her, “I’m not Deepak Chopra or Dr. Phil. Why would anyone listen to me?” Despite the thoughts, she couldn’t stop thinking about the idea of starting her own show. When we connected to her Soul’s recorded information and asked her Akashic Record Keepers for insight, the results were not what she expected.

Jane was instructed to take stock of her gifts and talents and to accept how much she had to offer humanity. This information changed the question from “Who am I to bring my gifts out into the world?” to “Who am I to withhold my wisdom and talents from the world?” This was a powerful moment for her.

She also learned that the fear of being seen came from many lifetimes in which she had been a doctor, healer, midwife, and shaman. In many of those lives, she had died at the hands of others. Her fear of being seen in larger audiences was rooted in past life karma and soul trauma.

I reminded her that for 500 years midwives, healers, and herbalists were often accused of being witches. This often led to traumatic trials, imprisonment, torture, banishment and/or death. Whether they were killed or not, the physical pain and emotional trauma can leave a lasting scar on a soul. It comes with them into other lifetimes, showing up as terror or fear with a limiting belief that “it’s not safe to be seen.”

Amazing things can happen when the blocks are released.

Jane resonated with the information about having been an herbalist and midwife in several past lives. Through the divine energy of the Akashic Records, I went “outside of time and space” to clear the physical pain, emotional trauma and soul scar, which allowed her to step into her public persona.

Less than a week after our session, she called to say she had been on one radio show and was working with someone to put her own show together. In addition to radio, she was creating a public event to share her medical theories, knowledge and techniques for people to learn how to heal physically from some common ailments. She was thrilled and a bit surprised about how easy it was clear her fears that had kept her stuck for more than five years.

Are you ready for the next step?

Have you ever had a feeling or fear and wondered where it came from? We often decide our fears are irrational and push forward anyway, which rarely brings what we truly want. Or we take a detour, settling on a much easier and less challenging path. You don’t need to do that.

I’m available to work with you in an Akashic Healing session where we can access your Records to discover the reasons why you feel blocked.  In the meantime, please download my Reclaim Past Life Wisdom meditation for free.  Use it daily to can help you connect and open to receiving past life information.

You can have what you want when you dissolve the blocks that keep you from it.

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