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With February upon us, it’s a perfect time to talk about love.

Not Valentine’s Day box-of-chocolates, ride-off-into-the-sunset love, but love that is deep and lasting. You might find yourself resisting what I have to say next, and that’s OK. My goal is to plant a seed from which real love can grow.

All love comes back to self-love, a concept which often ignites controversy.

Why? Part of it is because as a society, we hold onto old, collective survival beliefs. We fear that life is hard and we need other people, not for enjoyment and connection, but to make it through. While that may have been true at other times in history, it’s not today.

This collective belief has left many of us sacrificing ourselves to get what we believe we need to survive. We equate self-love with selfishness and are often told if we want to do something for ourselves, or if we just want some quiet time, that we are selfish. The negative connotations of this word prevent us from showering ourselves with the same love we say we want.

So we make the pie for the bake sale even when we’re exhausted from a long work week. We drive a friend to the airport despite the dangerous road conditions. We offer to host the family holiday event when we really want to be on a beach. We do all of these things out of fear of not having what we need to survive instead of proving that when we love ourselves first, we always have enough.

The Akashic Masters long to help you see how you can have what you need without sacrificing yourself. By delving into past lives or even just the past of this life, they can help you to take better care of you, to demonstrate through thought and action the love you have for yourself.

The key to finding real love starts with you.

You cannot attract something you don’t recognize. How kind are you to yourself? Do you acknowledge when you need rest, comfort, or support? Do you take the time to yourself to contemplate the greater truth of the Universe, or to meditate, do some yoga, take a walk, or do Akashic Healing Prayer work?

Consider keeping a Self-Love Journal where the only entries are how you’ve shown yourself love, even if it seems like something trivial like taking a hot Epson Salt bath or sprinkling Lavender oil on the sheets to help you sleep better or cooking yourself a healthy, tasty meal instead of just “grabbing something” at the store.  You may notice that when you do these things for yourself, others will follow your example and begin to take steps to care for themselves.

Let 2018 be the year you discover real love!

Not the ego-based love woven through fairy tales, but true unconditional love that accepts, embraces and supports who you truly are. The Akashic Records can help you access the information you need to identify where you are hurt or afraid to step into love, they assist you in learning more about the emotional pain that blocks love and show you how to clear and release old patterns. The Akashic Masters and I are here to guide you in every way possible!

To support your journey, I’m offering you my Infinite Connection Mediation for free.  This mediation will help you connect heart to heart consciously with people in your life.

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