Sometimes we use gratitude as a means to an end. We think if we express what we’re grateful for it will get us what we really want. The other option, the one that really feeds our souls, is to fully experience the depth of the feeling. In this season of Thanksgiving, the Akashic Masters and I want to share with you some wisdom about true gratitude.

What Gratitude Isn’t

When we feel something is missing or that we don’t have enough – money, friends, lovers – we can treat gratitude as a commodity. In our minds, we create a balance sheet, and because all we see in the moment is liability, we use gratitude to level the playing field.

This can be a practical solution to dealing with feelings of lack or other insecurities. When processed this way, however, it really amounts to nothing but an asset/liability evaluation. It’s like taking an inventory of your pantry to remind yourself of what you have so you don’t feel as bad about what’s not there. It’s useful, but what does it really have to do with your soul?

Go deeper

I’ve had some very long days recently. In fact, I don’t ever remember feeling as grateful for hot water. There is nothing like a steamy shower at the end of a challenging day to wash away the bits and pieces still stuck to us.

This feeling of gratitude made me curious so I did a little digging. I was fascinated to learn that in the mid-19th century an English painter named  Benjamin Waddy invented the first water heater that didn’t need solid fuel. His work influenced a Norwegian mechanical engineer named Edwin Ruud, who invented a gas water heater with a storage tank a couple of decades later.

Learning this provided a deeper level of gratitude for the hot water that made my shower possible. I imagined these two men tinkering in their workshops. Did they know that more than a century later people around the world would appreciate their work? It fed my soul to feel that level of connection with those whose work provides such comfort in my life.

Be Aware of Your Intent

When we throw around the word gratitude without examining our motivation, it can have negative consequences. If the reason we are identifying things we’re grateful for is because we feel a lack, the word gratitude can carry the energy of a beggar.

It’s important to ask yourself why you’re driven at this particular time to make a gratitude list. Be honest with yourself. A trick I use if I realize I am using gratitude to cover up a feeling of lack is to ask myself, “What in my life do I appreciate right now?”

I find it puts me on more equal footing when I allow myself to experience the fullness of appreciation rather than look for things to be grateful about. The words are virtually interchangeable, but depending on motivation, appreciation might be the feeling that truly feeds your soul in that moment.

Be Grateful Even in the Face of Discomfort

When clients come to me for an Akashic Reading, they often learn things about their past lives that initially are uncomfortable or even painful. Janice learned that she had been in a relationship with a married man in a previous life.

He kept her in an apartment by herself and visited when he could get away from his business or family. This knowledge created a deep sadness in her at first. She had settled for breadcrumbs instead of walking away because she was afraid there was nothing better.

It wasn’t long before she saw that pattern in her current life. The knowledge she gained in our work together allowed her to feel what she’d suppressed about her earlier experiences in this life. The change in her attitude was instantaneous.

In the end, she was incredibly grateful for the information she received during her work with the Akashic Records because it helped her to become aware of how she felt about some relationships in her life. It empowered her to claim her worth and stop settling.

I wish you and your family peace, joy and gratitude this Thanksgiving. May you find things to appreciate and be grateful for that nurture you, strengthen your commitment to understanding yourself and allow you to continue becoming the glorious soul that you are.

As always, I am here to support your journey if you want to deepen your work in the Akashic Records.

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