Earth Guardians: What Are They and Am I One?


The Akashic Masters tell us that being an Earth Guardian is a powerful calling and one to take seriously. While you may think they only appear as “tree huggers” or live in a yurt, Earth Guardians come from all walks of life. Scientists, nutritionists, engineers, farmers and doctors are a few of the unconventional Earth Guardians.

Of course, there are Earth Guardians who look more like what we would imagine as well. In my experience, many don’t understand why they are drawn to do things like bury their feet in the sand or dirt and direct love and healing energy to the planet. Their work is critical to help restore balance to the earth no matter how “woo woo” it looks to those from the outside.

What does an Earth Guardian do?

The earth is in a precarious position, and because of this so are we as a species. Fast population growth and a lack of respect for nature have contributed to the damage caused to Mother Earth or Gaia. It’s important that we find tools, technology, and methods to clean up our land and oceans, to stop global warming and prevent the ice caps from melting. We must discover new ways to feed people and identify ways to heal cancer and other illness.

A lot of these tasks require skills as a scientist. Many of our modern scientists are taking their experience and knowledge to another level to assist with planetary healing. There is also a growing population who feel ready to leave their current jobs to invent tools and processes that reduce waste and create new ways to do things we’ve done for years that we now know are harmful. If you are one of these people, it’s imperative to trust your intuition and reach out to the Akashic Masters for guidance.

Is Everyone an Earth Guardian?

Earth Guardians come with a variety of talents to serve Gaia. For example, many of the 20-year-olds, who are also referred to as crystal children, are studying science and technology. They’re looking for new ways to change the trajectory of earth by developing inventions and tools to heal the planet.

Not all of us have that deep calling, but to some degree, we all are Earth Guardians. In our own ways, we are each responsible for the safety of the place we call home. The Akashic Masters want us to know that we can all contribute in ways that may feel peripheral but are just as important as developing a way to eliminate plastic from the Barrier Reef.

What Can I Do If I Don’t Feel That “Deep” Calling?

There are many ways to participate in healing our planet. Ask yourself what your skills and talents are. It can be as simple as being more diligent about recycling or organizing a street sweep where you and neighbors remove trash. Stop buying single-use plastics like disposable water bottles and straws. Walk, bike or take public transportation instead of driving. Take your own grocery bags to the store. Change your light bulbs to LED or even plant a tree or two.

You can also learn about Earth Guardian heroes and share their stories, so more people become aware of the work that is being done, and perhaps even become inspired to help. William McDonough, a green architect and a leader in sustainable development, has been working toward healing the planet for over forty years. Sylvia Earle recognized her passion for the ocean as a girl and has spent her entire professional life working to develop a way to preserve these important bodies of water.

There are literally thousands more like them. Take the time to know some of our Earth Guardians and ask the Akashic Masters how you can support them.

Earth Day is merely a reminder of what we all need to do every day to protect our precious planet and to serve in healing the damage we have done. If you’re not sure how you fit in, why not use the meditations I’ve channeled from the Akashic Masters to help you access your own wisdom? Download “Reclaim Past Life Wisdom” today.

As always, if there is anything I can do to support you, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Happy Earth Day!

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