How to Move from Lack to Authentic Living

Are you one of millions who work at a job that doesn’t feed your soul? Or are you someone who has found the path to soul fulfillment but still has an empty bank account? Either way, if something feels like it’s missing, the Akashic Records can help you find the other piece.

The system of earning a living

Most people get up and go to work every day because it’s expected. They may enjoy some of their colleagues and at times get satisfaction from the work, but the numerous reasons they use to convince themselves to keep going can feel like a hostage situation.

There is rent or a mortgage to pay. People rely on the income. They need money to purchase what they need (a lot of it is most likely a want rather than a need, but that’s a different blog!). Bill collectors won’t wait for their money.

I don’t think the majority of people ever ask themselves if something else is possible. Could a different choice spark their souls? They’ve gotten absorbed into normal and used to the habits they’ve created around their work schedules. Honestly, the consideration of what feeds their souls is not even part of the equation.

What happens to some of the rebels

Then there are those who become aware of how a job drains them. They begin to be aware of the things that are required to be successful in their work environment, from pretending to be someone they’re not to acting in ways that don’t honor who they really are. The discomfort can’t be ignored any longer and when they finally leave, it starts them on a healing journey that takes them to places they couldn’t have imagined.

Often those that find themselves on this path discover they have the power to help others heal. They want to share what they’ve learned, be it Reiki, meditation, an art form or even being an Akashic Consultant! But marrying these fields with earning a living can be tricky. The unspoken tenet is that it’s not right to take money for healing services, that you should give these gifts freely.

Of course, that’s not true. But it remains a societal message and can keep you in lack financially even though you feel fed spiritually.

Two ends of the same spectrum

If this describes you and your life, there is a good chance you can find your way to a different experience by tapping into your Akashic Records and learning how past lives influence your career today.

When you experience lack, whether it’s spiritual or financial, the odds are that somewhere in your soul’s history, there was a time when that level of hardship became familiar.

Perhaps you took a vow of poverty as a member of a religion. It could be that you grew up poor and never managed to turn things around in that life. Or it might even be a false belief about what it means to be wealthy – you must be greedy or lack compassion to be “rich” – that prevents you from having more.

There are plenty of other possibilities as well. Maybe you once worked in a career you didn’t enjoy but the remuneration benefited your family, so a belief formed that sacrifice is rewarded. You may have been a healer in another life and received no compensation, and you’ve brought that energy with you.

Why doesn’t really matter. All that’s important is that you open up to allow the Akashic Masters to help you understand the experience you had then so you can see how it impacts your life now. This is the first step to dissolving the hold from the past and freeing yourself to have a different experience in this moment.

There are many resources to help you access your own Akashic Records. My books, The Infinite Wisdom of the Akashic Records and From Questioning to Knowing serve as guides to forge that connection. Others have written books on the subject as well. Use what resonates with you.

Meditation is another great tool to help you build that bridge to the Akashic Masters. My meditation, Expand Your Soul Symbol to Create Greater Abundance, is a great place to start growing your abundance. When you focus your time and energy on creating that bond with the ones who know all, the results can be astonishing.

A one-on-one reading might fit you better and I’m always available to support you that way as well.

It’s time to get unstuck, to invest your labor and energy in a career that feeds your soul and your bank account. I applaud your effort and want to hear how your journey is going.  Please leave a comment below or send me a message. I’d love to share your story in a future article.

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