A Real Gift for the Holidays

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Do you feel connected to a particular holiday tradition? Maybe it’s eating a special dish, reciting a certain prayer, or building a snowman.

It’s can be comforting to experience these deep connections, but when it’s not related to a childhood memory, it can be confusing.

Perhaps the feeling comes from another lifetime, which often is a doorway into discovering new information that will support your desires in this life.

Chelsea always loved Thanksgiving. Since she was a little girl, it was her favorite holiday. Her parents made a big deal of it, inviting neighbors and friends to stop in throughout the day. “My mom jokes that as a girl, I waited at the front door so I could take people’s coats,” she told me. “Thanksgiving’s always been my happy place.”

As an adult, Chelsea celebrated two Thanksgivings – once with her family of origin and another with special friends. After a dinner at the house of a college roommate several years ago, everyone gathered around the fireplace and sang carols. “It was like a religious experience,” she admitted. “I felt like I’d come home somehow. It was the most bizarre feeling.”

She talked to her parents and relatives, all of whom assured her they had never broken into song on Thanksgiving. Not long after, I saw her at a holiday party, and she shared what had happened. “I felt so confused,” she confided. “Like I was crazy or something for having this feeling I couldn’t explain.”

I suggested that the feeling may stem from a connection to a past life. A week later, she called and asked me to do a reading.

When we delved into Chelsea’s Akashic Records, it wasn’t long before I was shown an experience from another of her lives: A wife and mother in the 19th century, living in the United States near the Canadian border, much of her time was spent caring for her family.

Her husband, a blacksmith, had a beautiful singing voice. He was one of the first to join the choir when their church created one and the family always sang religious carols at Thanksgiving. It was her favorite time of the year and connecting with her husband and children through song had a special place in her heart.

Over the years, her children grew up and left, but they always returned home with their families for Thanksgiving. After the feast, they would gather to sing songs like Joy to the World and Hark the Herald Angels Sing. The Akashic Masters also showed me that Chelsea’s husband was a true soul mate, and when he died, her grief led her to make the transition soon after.

Our Favorite Holiday Traditions Can Point Us to Deeper Truths

I didn’t know this at the time, but Chelsea was dating someone. Even though she really liked him, she was keeping him at arm’s length, afraid to take things to the next level. When she shared this while exploring her records, the Akashic Masters communicated that her fear of losing someone she cared so deeply about was a big part of what had her relationship parked in neutral.

Her face told me how accurate the information was. “I knew I felt scared,” Chelsea said. “I just thought it was normal commitment jitters. I had no idea it ran so deep.”

It turns out that beau was not the “one.” But when her soulmate showed up a few months later, Chelsea had already processed what she’d learned in her Akashic Records and was ready to make a commitment. They were married within a year.

Whether you get teary when you hear Victorian sleigh bells or experience some other visceral reaction to a holiday tradition, there’s a good chance it’s connected to another lifetime. The Akashic Masters want you to know that often this connection is a doorway to your higher good, and if you have the courage to walk through it you may get what you need to achieve the goals you have for this lifetime.

You can explore your Akashic Records and perhaps discover the root of your own holiday connections with my free mediation, Reclaim Past Life Wisdom.

If you’ve had an experience like Chelsea’s, share it with us in the comments. And if you want more support, I’m happy to help.

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