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Many of us have treasured holiday memories. From favorite foods and special times with family members to traditions and treasured gifts, it brings such joy to remember the people and things that make us feel good. On the flip side, there may also be a recollection or two that disrupts our peace. The Akashic Masters have some advice on what to do with those memories.

Unpacking Your Holiday Memories

Martha grew up on a farm in Iowa. Her memories of Christmas include her father dressing as Santa Claus for the breakfast sponsored by the Rotary Club. All the kids in town gathered to gorge on hot chocolate and reindeer pancakes before receiving a present while sitting on Santa’s lap.

Christmas Eve was spent in the kitchen with her mother, preparing the ham and turkey before laying out a plate of homemade fudge for the real Santa. “I was never able to fall asleep,” Martha recalls. “I would lie in bed waiting to the hear him come down the chimney.”

Every year, family came to their house from around the county for an all-day feast that included singing carols and playing with her father’s toy trains. It was a Norman Rockwell experience that Martha loved recreating.

Last Christmas, for the first time in a decade, there was abundant snowfall in Martha’s town. After dinner, her ten-year-old son and his cousins got dressed and went outside to build a snowman. “I was standing over the sink washing dishes when I saw them through the window,” she remembers.

“It was like something took over my body. I became hysterical and yelled at them to come inside. I was terrified and I had no idea why.” The rest of the family couldn’t understand her reaction anymore than Martha did herself. It was puzzling to everyone.

“It actually felt as if their lives were in danger,” she admitted. “But there was absolutely no reason for me to feel this way.

Martha was no stranger to her Akashic Records, and I suggested that such a visceral reaction might have come from a past life experience. She was resistant so I changed the subject, knowing that we all come to the truth in our own time.

When she called a few months later, I wasn’t surprised. “I can’t get what happened out of mind,” she admitted. “I feel like it is tied to a past life and I’m ready to face it and let it go.

We created a sacred space and called in the Akashic Masters using my Five Step Wisdom Prayer System and what they revealed was fascinating. Martha had been a child in the 18th century and experienced Christmas celebrations very much like the ones she grew up with in this life. Her family didn’t have much money, but they always had a lot of fun and good food.

The year she was ten, her cousins invited her into the yard to build a snowman after dinner. She hurried through her clean-up chores, which included putting her youngest sister to bed. The baby was in a makeshift bassinet near one of the fireplaces to make sure she’d stay warm on such a chilly night.

Anxious to join them, Martha didn’t stop to pick up a blanket that fell on the floor and in her rush, she kicked it to keep from slipping. Unfortunately, she kicked it in the direction of the hearth. It caught fire and sparked the bassinet, which was made of branches her father had tied together with leather straps.

In the time it took for her parents to realize what was happening, the fire had spread. There was barely enough time to get the baby and everyone else out. Martha and her cousins were putting the finishing touches on the snowman when the adults came running out of the house yelling for the children to get away from the fire. They lost everything.

Healing the Trauma

Although no one else ever caught on, Martha knew the fire was caused by her carelessness. In this life, seeing her son and the other kids outside building a snowman had triggered the feelings of that memory, causing her reaction.

It was an emotional reading, so before we ended, we asked the Akashic Masters the best way for her to release the guilt and suffering. A direct answer wasn’t given, but we both knew it involved clearing her karma.

A week later, Martha called to say she’d seen a poster at a coffee shop looking for volunteers to help raise money for the local fire department. Not only did she volunteer to cook for the spaghetti dinner fundraiser, she started a tradition of baking a special treat once a month and dropping it off anonymously at her local fire house.

“I can’t change what happened,” she shared after dropping off a batch of homemade brownies. “But I feel better recognizing their service.”

No matter what you celebrate this time of year, I wish you joy and love. Whether you spend time with your family of origin or the one you’ve created, I hope you appreciate the special people and experiences in your life.

I recommend connecting with your own Akashic Masters if you need to uncover the root of anything that disturbs your peace. I offer several guided meditations to support you to learn to access this ancient wisdom: the Reclaim Ancient Wisdom Meditation is a great place to start. Download it as my gift to you and know that I am here to support your journey if you want to deepen your work in the Akashic Records. Please comment about your experiences below; I love hearing your stories!

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