Did you know that October has special days set aside to celebrate black dogs, the Navy, and even hermits?

That’s great for people who are hermits who live with black dogs and are veterans of the Navy, but what about the rest of us?

How about we designate a day where we get to celebrate or focus on whatever matters to us?

I’m declaring October 25th to be a day for you to rejoice in or spend energy on whatever is important to YOU.

I mentioned this idea to a friend and client who has spent time with the Akashic Masters. Over the years, Bethany has been shown how she lived three lifetimes as a healer. Each time, her ability led to dire consequences. As a witch, she was literally burned at the stake. As an artist living during a brutal dictatorship, she was imprisoned for her talent.

The final experience was as a nurse who refused to give medicine prescribed to a patient because she felt intuitively it would harm them. The doctor was so irate that she ignored his orders, he fired her. Bethany’s reputation was ruined, and she was unable to find work in her field. To survive and support her family, she worked three different jobs. The exhaustion and physical toll eventually killed her at a young age.

Each of those lives, described in detail in the Akashic Records, built a wall between Bethany and her intuition in this life. It’s the reason she first came to see me. On some level, she felt a calling to be in touch with the side of her that always steers her in the right direction or confirms her decisions.

She got glimpses of that connection, but she couldn’t ever seem to stay connected. Over the years we’ve worked to clear her karma and the promises she made to herself because of the horrible experiences she’d had.

It’s been a difficult road. Trusting something that viscerally brings up anxiety and fear proved to be a challenge at best. To her credit, Bethany stuck with it – through the darkness and despite the discomfort.

Little by little she’s reconnected with her intuition, although she stills feels a bit tentative about having complete faith in it.

Bethany’s Day Spent Following her Intuition

When I told her about this idea of spending an entire day focused on something important to her, she took it to heart and decided to spend her special day doing nothing but following her intuition.

When she called to tell me what happened, I got goose bumps. Not because it was extraordinary, but because it imprinted a level of peace and joy on her that won’t soon be forgotten. Her mind definitely inserted itself into the equation but she recognized it and compartmentalized that part of herself so she could hear the guidance.

After running errands that morning, she headed to a coffee shop with her laptop to work on a project she’s very excited about. An hour later, she found herself stuck. “Ordinarily, I’d have just pushed through,” she told me. “But this time was different.”

She closed down her computer and said, “Show me where I need to be.” Within minutes she was picking up a book at the library she’d been waiting on for several months. Then she felt led to make a quick trip to Trader Joe’s for some snacks and a stop at the gas station to fill up and grab something to drink.

An hour after she struggled to admit she didn’t feel aligned in working on her project, Bethany found herself soaking in nature, sitting among the trees in a local park, a temperate breeze rustling the leaves, while she read the words of a favorite author and munched on sesame sticks!

“The peace I felt from this was incredible,” she shared. “I feel so much more confident about listening to that inner voice and trusting that my mind doesn’t always know what’s best.” She sent me an email a few days later to tell me she now sees her intuition as a muscle and she’s going to spend a day each month at the intuition “gym.”

Why not devote a day this month to focus solely on what is calling for you to pay attention to it? If you’re uncertain what that might be, consult the Akashic Masters and trust what they tell you no matter how much your mind interferes.

Yes, we bring feelings and habits and thoughts into this lifetime from other lives. But the Akashic Masters want you to know you have the power to change the impact of them. There is a free meditation on my site (hyperlink) to help you connect with your Akashic Records on your own. And if you want more support, I’m here.

Leave a comment below to let me know what you choose to celebrate or focus on this month!

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