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Daylight Savings Time starts in March. Whether we like it or not, this tradition forces us to move ahead or be left behind. If only there were a Spiritual Savings Time that reminded us to take the next step on our path of evolution!

How to Take a Step Forward

Too often we become complacent, allowing familiarity to disguise itself as comfort. Sometimes a hard nudge from the Universe is exactly what we need to open us up to a fuller life.

Many times, clients come to me after a crisis or disaster strikes. They’re eager to find the reasons for their suffering, whether it be from a painful divorce, unemployment, or a financial catastrophe. We could avoid so much discord if we checked in with our Akashic Records on a regular basis.

Regular Check-ins are Invaluable

My client Rebecca wanted to leave her job. She was an artist at heart and the sales career she had depleted her. Afraid to cut ties completely, she’d agreed to a job share with a co-worker who was a friend. Marta was recently married and now lived an hour from the office. She couldn’t afford to lose all her income but hated the commute.

On the surface, a job share appeared to be the perfect solution. Rebecca could dip her toe into the artist life and still maintain financial security if she downsized. She and Marta had been friends and colleagues for over five years and Rebecca trusted her with clients. Plus, management had given their blessing and signed off on the details.

Rebecca and I worked together a couple of times a year and our appointment was scheduled right before this change was to take place.

Clearing the Way for Evolution

At the beginning of our session, Rebecca admitted that something kept niggling at her about the arrangement. She didn’t know what it was, so I suggested we ask the Akashic Masters for guidance. We discovered that Marta was part of Rebecca’s soul group, and in a past life had been her mother.

In many ways, Rebecca was still playing the dutiful daughter, blindly honoring Marta’s wishes. She hadn’t really explored whether a job share was something that would truly work for her. Fears about money and her previous mother/child contract caused her to jump into a pool without checking the depth.

We worked together to release old karma and dynamics so Rebecca was free to take the next step in her evolution. The Akashic Masters assured Rebecca that she and Marta had completed their purpose in each other’s lives this time, but that their connection was timeless, no matter what happened.

A Little Discomfort Now can Save a lot of Pain Later

Rebecca realized that a job share was not something she wanted. It would keep her attached to a career she wanted to end. The arrangement with Marta would only drag out the inevitable.

She was very apprehensive about sharing her change of heart. As expected, Marta didn’t respond well, and it was the beginning of the end for their friendship – in this lifetime. The alternative would have been much worse. When we stay attached to something past the karmic expiration date, resentment and conflict are sure to follow.

A Little Freedom Goes a Long Way

Rebecca left her job and began her new career unimpeded. It hasn’t been a smooth path, but what is? It gave her the opportunity to demonstrate that she could handle whatever was thrown at her without hiding behind her “mother’s skirt.” She has allowed the challenges and defeats to forge her and now truly knows the meaning of “standing on her own two feet.”

Rebecca has experienced various levels of success as an artist. She hasn’t achieved every goal, but the journey has been of her own choosing without the undue and unconscious influence of a past life relationship where she would always be seen as a “child.”

Time for a Check-in

If we can remember to change our clocks and check the batteries in our smoke detectors for Daylight Savings Time, surely, we can honor ourselves enough to check in with our Akashic Records to support the most important thing in our lives – our spiritual evolution.

As an Akashic healer and teacher, I want nothing more than to support your journey in becoming who you really are. You open the door wide when you regularly check in with the Masters to discover what might be holding you back from living the way you really want.

The Akashic Masters have given me a beautiful guided visualization that will help you connect to your own records. You can download “The Column of Light” at no cost here. If I can be of service in any other way, please get in touch.

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