How to Best Use Your Talents

We are all blessed with a multitude of talents that lead us to a variety of experiences. But what happens when people you trust encourage you to use your talents for the benefit of others? Do you jump right into the pool or do you step back and ask yourself if that’s really what you want?

A Tale of Two Paths

It was interesting that the Akashic Masters put both Julie and Stephanie in my life at the same time. Julie had recently learned she was being laid off and Stephanie was on her third business in as many years. Both were feeling a little untethered.

Julie had worked in the paper manufacturing plant for fifteen years. It was all she knew as a full-time job. She hadn’t gone to college and didn’t want to incur debt by returning to school. Stephanie had a master’s degree but couldn’t seem to stay focused on one idea long enough to achieve success. What I learned from each of their Akashic Records was revealing.

Julie’s Story

In addition to being an expert at running and fixing the machines in the plant, Julie was known to all her co-workers as a fantastic baker. She was the one who made the birthday cakes and baked cookies for the church bake sale. She had taught herself the art of decorating and her specialty cakes were famous within her circle.

When management announced the plant was closing, Julie was caught off guard. Representatives from the corporate office had recently visited and even held a picnic for the employees, so the news came as a huge surprise. Her friends at work told her she had nothing to worry about because she already had a great side business with the baking. But Julie wasn’t so sure.

We checked in with her Beings of Light and discovered that Julie had been a baker in another life. Although she loved baking and was very talented at it, the thought of running a business drained her to the point she got ill. Worrying about deliveries, profits, and the reliability of employees were all catalysts for exhaustion.

The time we spent in her Akashic Records reinforced her intuition that baking for money was not something she wanted to do in this life. Instead, she chose a one-year program at a local tech school and became an auto mechanic. She loved working on machines and continued to use her baking skills to bring joy to those she loved, rather than using a talent she had in a way made her miserable.

Stephanie’s Road

Stephanie, on the other hand, told me she felt obligated to share her talents and knowledge with the world. The issue at hand was whether every one of them was meant to be used in a business. In just over three years, she had started a business doing research, one where she worked with seniors around their medical care and a third where she taught improv.

She started each one after getting discouraged about finances and talking to friends and family about what she could do to make money. Stephanie put her heart and soul into each venture but they all fizzled out no matter what she did. Frustrated and a little scared of repeating the same pattern, she wondered if something in a past life could be causing her problem.

The Akashic Masters quickly showed us a life where Stephanie had been deeply religious. Her favorite Bible passage was the parable of the talents where those who buried their talents were punished by their master. Although the parable refers to money as opposed to intangible talents, the message carried over into Stephanie’s career choices in this life. She believed that anything of worth needed to be used for the good of God, that it should never be hidden or not used.

This past life and the awareness it created around her choices was a revelation for her. I could almost see her brain processing the information and correlating it to the decisions she’d made in business. “I never wanted to teach improv,” she admitted. “But everyone told me I was a natural and I could use it to make some extra money.”

It turned out that most of the business ideas Stephanie had invested in over the years were driven by the devout belief about talents without her even knowing it. It took a bit of time for her to change her behavior, but it started with Stephanie asking herself what she wanted to do, not jumping into something just because she was good at it.

“You can be good at lots of things you have no desire to do,” she wrote me a few months later. “I’m not sure what I want to do but I am certain about what I don’t want to do.”

Talent isn’t a Sign Post

Do you have “talents” that you would rather keep hidden? Perhaps you want to save them to use with people who matter to you. It’s even OK if you never want to put another second of energy into them. There will be no punishment, no backlash from you deciding to do what makes you feel good.

If you have felt the push and pull around this issue, I invite you to download my Journey into the Akashic Records meditation for free to help you get started connecting with your Akashic Records. It also might be a good time for an Akashic Reading to get more support.

There’s a good chance the information you receive will support your desire to do the things that bring you joy. Because when we do what brings us joy, we can’t help but to be a source of joy for others.

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