Creating Peace in the New Earth


As I asked the Akashic Master what we shall Blog about this month, they suggested this information about healing in this new moment in history. We are celebrating Love and Gratitude with Thanksgiving here in the US and we’ll celebrate many different holidays around the world in December but right now, they suggest we focus on World Peace, Inner Strength, and Higher Alignment for each of us as we create our New Earth. I’ve included three prayers for you this month.

Healing for Our Time

The time is now to bring Akashic healing to the Earth. Humanity, your planet, and its inhabitants are more than ready and so are you. We are here on multiple levels to support and assist your spiritual growth. Please don’t doubt your ability to transform with ease.

~The Akashic Lords

The Healing Path

As you investigate this healing path, it is helpful to understand this style of healing and how it works. Quantum physics describes the universe as energy, which is ever-flowing and changing. It is pure formlessness at origin. It is always whole, perfect, and complete no matter how it appears to us.

After a lifetime of studying and practicing numerous different healing and spiritual traditions, I have found there are simple truths which assist us greatly in creating a positive experience in our lives.

As mentioned above, the universe is all energy. That energy is already present. Take that a step further and we can see that everything is already given. All the ways we can be content and fulfilled and abundant are already present. The opposite is of course true also. All the ways we can feel lack, small, and limited are available to us too.

Two of the biggest lessons most souls desire to master are discernment and choice. In its simplest definition, discernment is nothing more than the ability to decide between truth and error, or mistake. Discernment is the process of making careful distinctions in our thinking about truth. When our discernment is clear, our choices are easy. When our judgment is clouded with fear, pain, drama, and other people’s wishes and energy, our choices can be difficult to make. We don’t see our way clear to the truth and the highest choice for ourselves as a divine soul.

When we work with the healing prayers in “From Question to Knowing – 73 Prayers to Transform Your Life”, the purpose is to assist our minds, personalities and egos to remember and accept this simple Truth: all is given and available now.We are not pleading with an unseen God. We are not bargaining or making deals. We lift ourselves and those around us to the level of the divine energy of Oneness. We are allowing ourselves to hold the vision that we and all humanity are already perfect, whole and complete. As we do this for ourselves, we do this for those in our lives.

We do not heal ourselves or others, the Divine works through us. The Creator, as you, does this as you know the Truth. We attend to this world and care for ourselves, our loved ones, and those in need as we embrace our Creator selves. We can be of service as we know that all manifestations are of the Creator and therefore Divine.

As we come to understand that we do nothing, as it is already done through Universal Energy, only then can we free ourselves to receive the love and divine energy. As we create this for ourselves, we allow the high vibration of love to flow to others through us.

It’s important to come to the truth that each soul initiates experiences to learn. Whether the experience is in the form of a challenging situation such as poor health, an unhappy relationship, or lack of abundance, the soul has a reason. We are whole and perfect, and we all come to Earth school to learn and grow. It would be presumptuous to assume that an experience is not perfect because we “judge it” so.

We are here to love and see each other through the eyes of the Divine, thus self-realizing the Truth of who we are as souls having human experiences.


Mother, Father, Goddess, God, in this moment I connect with you as
I remember the strength of who I AM.
Please assist me to continue on my Soul Path,
To do what my soul has come to do, even if I am not yet conscious of that path.
I give great thanks for the strength that fills my body now.
I am blessed and filled with gratitude.


Mother, Father, Goddess, God, please show me what it feels like to be the
Highest, Brightest, most Expansive and Aligned Self that I can be today.
Please open my Heart to know the truth of my Divinity and
allow me to receive all the good that is within and without.
Please guide me on my next steps to being
Abundant in all ways, with ease and grace.
So it is. Blessed Be.

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