Crisis or Opportunity? It’s All in Your Perception

A crisis can be fortuitous

Nadine reached out to me a couple of months ago feeling excited, confused, and stuck. After a few weeks of shelter-in-place in her hometown, she had been restless. Like a lot of people, she began to bake to alleviate the uncomfortable feelings.

Surrounded by muffins, cookies, and tarts, her husband insisted she shares with their neighbors. “We’re not going to be able to fit through the door!” he joked. Every few days, Nadine dropped off a surprise treat, first for people on their floor in her condo building, then for the rest of the residents. Her generosity became the talk of the building.

After a few weeks, people kept trying to pay her. “It made me very uncomfortable,” Nadine admitted. “I just wanted to do something nice and keep myself busy.”

Unexplained Resistance

As the weeks went on, Nadine realized there might actually be an opportunity. Her work as a waitress had disappeared and trying to live on one salary was proving to be a challenge. She and her husband talked about it and decided to work together on a business plan to sell her treats. “That’s when everything fell apart,” she told me the first time we talked.

She found herself feeling grumpy and unmotivated, not only to work on the plan, but also to bake. “I had been so happy and all of a sudden, I was miserable,” she said. “How did it all go south so fast?”

Nadine liked the idea of contributing to the family income with her baking. At first, she thought she was overwhelmed with everything that would need to change, beginning with the fact that she couldn’t sell treats made in her condo kitchen to the public. But something told her there was more going on.

The Akashic Masters show the way

When we opened Nadine’s Akashic Records we learned that in a previous life, her father had owned a successful bakery. After being duped by one of his suppliers, he was forced to close the doors. The family lost everything including their home, which was above the shop, and lived in the local church while her father searched for work.

While there, Nadine caught pneumonia and died before she turned fourteen, She was still carrying the weight of that experience with her in this life, believing that only harm would come if she chose to work for herself. 

Together with the Akashic Masters, Nadine and I cleared the trauma and beliefs her soul had brought with her from that experience. This freed her to decide if expanding her baking venture was something she really wanted to do without the past interfering.

More Opportunity

Not long after our session, Nadine’s neighbor told her she’d spoken with her parish priest about the church kitchen, which had a license from the health department. It was sitting unused and they offered to let Nadine use in exchange for a donation.

After the kitchen showed up, she easily found the perfect vendors and picked up several clients – coffee shops delighted to have something else to sell to people still doing take-out because COVID prevention restrictions meant they couldn’t enjoy what they purchased in the shop.

She emailed me a few weeks ago to say that she is having fun playing with different recipes and ideas, and is committed to seeing where it goes. “I feel so relieved to know that if I decide I don’t want to pursue this that it’s purely my decision and not one influenced by something that happened hundreds of years ago!”

Whatever Nadine decides to do, this important step will bring more opportunities into her life. She effectively used the whirlwind of changes created by the pandemic as a springboard not only to take one of her passions to another level but to clear out past life issues that had been unconsciously holding her back.

This kind of opportunity is available to you as well. And to help you identify it, I’ve created the Soul Symbol Signature meditation so you can see and expand upon the opportunities in your life. Accessing your Akashic Records can provide the roadmap you need to take the next step and this meditation, which you can download HERE at no cost, will support that journey.  

Transform the current circumstances and see how you can find the opportunity to create more of the life you really want! The Akashic Masters and I are here to serve and to support your healing journey, whether through connection with the resources on my site or a private reading.