Do Pets Have Akashic Records?

The month of February is filled with dates dedicated to celebrating the pets in our lives, so I thought it was a great opportunity to address a question I frequently am asked, “Did my pet and I know each other in another life?” The answer could very possibly be yes!

Another Layer to the Akashic Records

Carla became a client several years ago. Our work together has touched on many of the relationships in her life, along with some career issues. One of the most interesting things we discovered was that she had been a nun, living in a convent in Ireland several hundred years ago.

In that life, after her mother passed away, when Carla was only eleven, her father – a farmer with limited education and even less knowledge about how to raise a girl – dropped her off at the local convent one day with the promise to visit her on Sundays after mass.

The Poor Sisters of St. Clare eagerly accepted Carla as a postulate. Carla, on the other hand, was devastated. She’d just lost her mother and now the only family she’d ever known had disappeared as well.

Carla did the work assigned by the Abbess – cleaning, cooking, and taking care of the vegetable garden – along with studying to become a novitiate. Most of this was done in silence, a stark difference for an outgoing girl who’d excelled in school and had many friends.

We learned in our exploration of her Akashic Records that Carla was extremely lonely. It was a hard and difficult life in many ways and Carla worked diligently to clear the vows and karma that came with her into this life.

When Carla recently called to tell me she’d been laid off and was wrestling with her next move, she mentioned that her neighbor had discovered a stray cat in her back yard. She was heading out of town for a month and didn’t want to take it to the shelter. The neighbor begged Carla to take care of it until she got back. She even offered to get a litter box and pay for the food.

Reluctantly, Carla agreed, and it wasn’t long before the tiny cat followed her everywhere, even curling up on a pillow in her bed. Carla found herself talking to the perky feline, who seemed to respond when asked a question. Going through such a challenging time, Carla appreciated the snuggles and comfort, “Missy” offered.

“When she looks at me, it’s like I’ve known her before,” she told me. “Am I crazy?

Discovering the Connection to a Pet

I suggested we check in with the Akashic Masters to learn more. This required permission from Missy. One afternoon, the three of us, Missy purring on Carla’s lap, dove in. The energy felt positive and expansive and it wasn’t long before a new piece to her past life puzzle was revealed.

We discovered that while Carla was a postulate, and still new to the convent, she would often encounter a cat while weeding the garden or hanging laundry. The two became fast friends. It wasn’t common to have indoor pets at the time, although some would bring a cat inside to keep the mice and other rodents at bay. The Abbess wasn’t fond of cats, so Carla’s companion remained outdoors.

Over time, Carla and the gray feline became fast friends. The animal was her confidant and Carla trusted the cat with her most secret feelings and thoughts. In addition to leaving scraps in a ceramic bowl for her, the young nun often sneaked her into her room, and took great comfort listening to her tiny heartbeat and stroking her soft fur.

Right before Carla was set to take her temporary vows, a tragedy occurred. The dainty gray kitty found herself in the middle of a battle between two street dogs. The loss upset Carla tremendously, but she was able to accept the reality of what happened relatively quickly because she now had friends in the nuns there to console her. The convent felt more like home than it had when she first encountered her feline friend.

The Akashic Masters showed us that the sweet little cat showed Carla the love and companionship that were necessary to rebuild her strength and build a life for herself in a new environment. Now she was back to help Carla through another transition.

Carla decided to keep Missy, even after her neighbor came home and offered to take her back. “I haven’t had a cat since my daughter moved out,” Carla shared. “I don’t know how I’ve survived!”

Pets can provide us with such unconditional love, which is often what we need most when challenges arise. They can calm us, guide us, make us laugh and teach us that sometimes being still is the best solution to any problem.

If you feel a special connection with your pet and would like to know if you shared experiences in another life, the Akashic Masters can provide the answer. If you’d like connect to the Akashic Masters with your pet, I’d be delighted to facilitate. 

Pets can be such a source of unconditional love in our lives – celebrate yours this month! I know I will.

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