How to Give Your Dreams the Best Chance of Coming True

With the Spring Equinox approaching, I’ve thought a lot about how gardeners prepare the soil for seeds to be sown. They check to ensure it doesn’t contain anything that would prevent a successful harvest. The composition of our energy affects how the seeds of our dreams and goals blossom, and the Akashic Records can help you remove what might prevent you from achieving your desires.

Are you having trouble getting traction with your dreams?

Clearing up issues from past lives increases your chances of achieving whatever “seeds” you plant this spring. When we carry karma, vows or unresolved issues from our past, it depletes the “soil” of our lives. This often makes it more difficult for us to manifest what we want.

I have a client who reminded me of this recently. Melissa has always wanted to own her own jewelry business. She’s quite talented and has experienced moderate success over the years making a few pieces at a time and selling them at craft fairs.

“I just can’t seem to get any traction,” she told me. “I get excited and sell some things and then it all just seems to fall apart.” We agreed that a visit with the Akashic Masters might help identify why this pattern had taken root.

Current life factors can be an issue

Before we prayed to open Melissa’s Akashic Records, she talked about her parents. Both are in their 80s and in declining health. Her father was recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s and her mother had a stroke a few years ago.

“It’s like my life is so enmeshed with theirs,” she confessed. An only child, Melissa feels solely responsible for navigating their health and life needs. Neither parent wants to move out of their home and conversations about assisted living have ended in loud disagreements and hurt feelings.

I reminded her how challenging it is to take care of one other person, much less two. As we talked about the layers in the relationships we have with our parents – things we don’t say because we don’t want to step on toes, fears about taking actions we know they won’t approve of, and how much time and energy it really takes to process the daily challenges – Melissa began to see her life more clearly.

“I come home and I’m exhausted,” Melissa admitted. “Sometimes I just sit in a chair and stare into space until my mind quiets down.” This was a huge piece in the puzzle of her trying to build a jewelry business. But I sensed there was more.

Planting seeds in old soil

What we learned in Melissa’s Akashic Records helped bring more clarity. The Akashic Masters showed us that in another life, Melissa lived as a man who had abandoned his dying wife. As a husband in this life, Melissa was unable to process the grief and sadness of the loss. She chose to leave, entrusting the wife’s care to her sister.

When word came that she had died, Melissa was wracked with guilt. After falling into what today would be labeled a deep depression, she made a vow to care for anyone in need who had no one else to help. It was rare for a man to take on such a role and the news spread quickly. Soon people were lining up at the door.

Melissa opened the house to all of them. Donations came in from wealthy patrons to help take care of people in a variety of ways. Sometimes they needed recovery care while ill, or even what we now know as hospice. Others had fallen on hard times for one reason or another and needed a bridge to get on their feet. Making sure others had what they needed consumed Melissa’s life until the day she died.

It was no wonder she couldn’t get a business of the ground. She was always looking after her parents. Our conversation during the visit with the Akashic Masters revealed that she had always sacrificed herself if she saw someone in need. From giving someone who was homeless the last bill in her wallet to hiring people with drug and alcohol issues to help her with household chores.

Balancing the soil means a better harvest

We took advantage of what we learned in her Akashic Records to release the vow she made all those years ago. It was a very emotional experience for both of us because it was something that had informed her life and the decisions she’s made for decades.

I heard from her not long after our session. She found a therapist and had already made significant changes in how she dealt with her parents. “I have told them I cannot be there every day,” she told me. “I’ve hired someone to come over a few days a week. We’re going to have a serious conversation about where it is best for them to live.”

Our time in the Akashic Records helped Melissa get some of her life back and enabled her to take control of the business she wanted to build. “I’ve made four new necklaces since our session,” she told me, and I could hear the joy in her voice. She knows it may be a process to change the human behavior created by a vow made long ago, but she is on her way and things are already significantly better!

My Reclaim Past Life Wisdom Guided Meditation was created with the intention to help you remember and reclaim the ancient wisdom you learned in your past lives so you can move forward feeling supported and secure in creating exactly what your heart desires. This gift is from my Soul to yours.

The Akashic Masters and I want you to find the happiness you want. If I can be of service by supporting your desire to know more about your own Akashic Records, please let me know.

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