How to Find Your Footing in a Rapidly Changing World

The world is shifting and changing at a speed we’ve not seen before. It seems that every day we’re faced with a new way we need to adjust. From how we grocery shop and socialize to the amount of time we spend at home and the ways we now celebrate life’s events, accelerated change is the norm. It’s easy to understand why so many feel like they have no footing. Let the Akashic Masters can help you access your foundation by reminding you of why you’re really here.

Know the Plan, not the Purpose

This pandemic has caused upheaval in so many lives and I’ve seen firsthand how that untethered feeling is alleviated when you know your Soul Plan. The current circumstances make me so grateful that I understand my soul’s intention for this lifetime. I’m even more grateful that I get to share the Akashic Records so others can become familiar with their own Soul Plans.

Years ago, during a conversation with a client, I was reminded of how valuable it is to distinguish between a Purpose and a Plan. None of us has just one purpose; we have multiple reasons to be here. Together, these reasons comprise the Plan our souls made for us before we incarnated – the myriad ways we can be of service to the world.

Many different lives

Kelly and I had visited with the Akashic Masters a handful of times before we had a session that brought such heightened clarity that it completely changed the way she lived her life. Before we began, Kelly told me she wanted to uncover the reasons for her professional hopscotching.

She was eager to find the key to stay put long enough to feel validated in her field. She was struggling with her career, having tried many paths but always moving on to something else before she experienced the “success” she wanted. “I get bored easily,” she confessed.

After entering her Akashic Records and asking her question, I received glimpses into half a dozen lifetimes. It was like watching snippets of movie trailers as I saw who Kelly had been in other lives.

In one, she’d been a court jester. In another, a teacher to a King’s children. She’d embodied the role of a tribal storyteller, portraitist, and minister. Most interestingly, she’d been the member of a caste in India charged with documenting genealogy.

A common thread

We asked the Akashic Masters, “What do they all have in common?” and the answer we received was “They all required such different talents and skills but the one thread they all have in common is that Kelly used her gift of communication to connect people to each other and to their greater soul connection to Source.” Kelly felt overjoyed and a bit confused on how to use the information. The Record Keepers suggested she do some journaling. Kelly finally surrendered to the fact that her soul purpose was not a “job description” but was an ever-evolving path. Even though it felt less concrete than she’d hoped for, she also felt more free and expansive as she stopped trying to fit into a job description.

“I kept focusing on the skills and the talents – looking for the “purpose,” she wrote in her journal. “But the plan is so much bigger. In every life, my focus was connection! Connecting people to each other, to themselves, to Source. How I did it doesn’t matter. The driving force was my soul’s need to show people they are all connected.”

Kelly realized “I’ve been doing that all this time. But I was so focused on how much money I made or the job title I had, I totally lost track of the PLAN! As a writer, Kelly recognized that it doesn’t matter what kind of writing it is – fiction, feature articles, blogs – or whether she was doing it for herself or for someone else. The bottom line was always a desire to connect people, to help them see their reflection in others.”

Clarity nurtures change

That realization created an awareness which gave Kelly a new focus! Once she started living her Soul Plan, she began to get the recognition and validation she’d always wanted. When the shelter-in-place order hit her state, instead of floundering she asked herself, “How can I be of service to keep people feeling connected?”

Kelly’s used her multiple skills, talents, and knowledge to facilitate connection in several ways. As a volunteer for a local senior non-profit, she makes a couple of phone calls a day to check in with folks to see how they are and what they might need.

She planned a “drive-by adventure” for her mother’s 80th birthday that involved almost three dozen people – stopping by friends’ homes so they could sing happy birthday, wave homemade signs and toss a gift bag in the back seat. One couple even had a glass of Champagne waiting on their retaining wall! “It meant so much to everyone, not just her mom,” she told me. “It lifted everyone’s spirits by allowing them to feel connection in a way they hadn’t in over a month.”

Finally, she’s organized a writer’s group on Zoom every week where people discuss and then write about their “lockdown” experience that week. “What people have created is amazing! Someone’s therapist even told her if she had to choose between a session with him and Kelly’s Zoom, she ought to do the event because it brought her such connection and joy.”

What’s Your Plan?

I believe the power and joy that come from knowing your Soul Plan is so important that I’m writing a book about it. Kelly is only one example of the pure energy brought into the world when you understand why you’re really here.

If you’re struggling with the uncertainty that surrounds us right now, maybe it would be helpful to check in with your Akashic Records to uncover a piece of your Soul Plan. To help you access your Records, download my Journey into the Akashic Records meditation. As always, I’m here to support you if you’d like to take a class or have a private session. And soon you’ll have my new book, Your Soul Has A Plan, as a resource as well.

Be brave. Ask the question. What is my Soul Plan? And be prepared to experience more joy, more grace, and more support than you can imagine! 

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I feel so supported and loved.

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