Relief from the Pandemic Stress with the Akashic Records

The experience of sheltering in place or being quarantined is new for all of us.

One day we were living our lives and the next, struggling to follow mandates handed down by government and health experts. Many of us still worry about how all of the bills will get paid and if we’ll have enough food to feed ourselves and our families. The stress can feel untenable and it impacts our health in myriad ways. Your Akashic Records may provide some relief.

In January Marie, a long-time client, told me she wanted to communicate with the Akashic Masters. It was little unusual for her, since we’d just worked together a month earlier, and she usually called every four to six months. “I don’t understand it myself,” she admitted. “But it’s a very strong feeling and I’ve learned to pay attention.”

We settled in to opening the Akashic Records for her and then she began with her questions. Even after the session was over, neither one of us understood the full impact of what we learned.

Past lives can reveal more than karma

Right up front, the Akashic Masters let us know the information we were about to receive would be especially valuable and I felt guided to suggest we record the session for Marie. We learned that in a past life, she had six children. In addition, her husband’s mother lived with them and Marie was responsible for taking care of everyone.

We got glimpses into the life she led, which was filled with constant worry.

How do I stretch money to cover everything we need?
What will I do if I fail?
How do I make sure the children are clothed and fed?
What will I do if Mother gets sick?
What will happen if my husband can’t work?

In that lifetime, Marie lived in worry and fear because she spent her time concerned about the future. It robbed her of the joy her life offered. From her son’s first steps and a daughter’s excellent grades to her husband’s accomplishments and the love her family had for her, Marie couldn’t absorb any of it because her mind was somewhere else.

We cleared many of these past life patterns as we worked in her Records and as we wrapped up the session, the Akashic Masters had a message from the woman Marie had been. “Please don’t make the same choices I did.”

Neither of us were completely clear on what this meant, although we both believed it had something to do with the inability to live in the present moment. “If I’m honest, I can be like that,” Marie said. “My mother was a worrier and I spent a lot of my childhood reassuring her that everything was going to be OK. I’ve worked hard to change that about myself.”

On March 19th, the Governor of California ordered everyone in the state to shelter in place and Marie was affected. She contacted me a week later.

Timing is everything

“Now I know!” she exclaimed. “I’ve been a basket case for the last week, feeling trapped and worrying about how I’m going to survive this financially. Not to mention being beside myself watching the number of COVID19 cases grow and the death toll rise.” She went on.

“I was so stressed, I decided to clean off my laptop of old emails to distract myself and found the recording from our last session. At the end, I/She said not to make the same choices. I’ve been making the same choices. Worrying and freaking out over something that hasn’t even happened.”

We laughed at the wisdom of both her guidance to speak to the Akashic Masters and the synchronicity of finding the replay. And remembering the request of the woman she’d been in another life. “It shocked me into the present moment,” she said. “Worrying stole all my joy in that life. I’m not going to let that happen again.” Although Marie had made an effort to change this pattern in her current life, the undertow of a previous life made it difficult to move on completely.

What does this mean for you?

I see two powerful messages in this experience. First, although it is important in the midst of being quarantined to take care of your responsibilities – be they family, financial or other obligations – it is more vital to stay present. Catapulting into a future that doesn’t exist is the core of the stress the world is feeling right now. One of the most serious effects of stress is a weaker immune system and that is something we all need to be aware of right now.

There are two great ways to mitigate stress: Meditation and Connection. Take advantage of technology to “see” the people in your life that you miss or commit to reaching out two friends every day. Use this time to catch up with those you were too busy to stay in touch with before the shutdown.

Meditation may be something you’ve avoided, but now is a great time to start. There are apps to help you take the first step or check out my Infinite Connection Mediation and connect to your Akashic Records. This leads me to the second powerful message:

In addition to calming your mind, meditation can put you in touch with the ultimate wisdom of your Akashic Records. This could be an opportune time for you to discover what past life patterns or habits are causing additional stress. You are worthy of releasing anything that holds you back from living the life you want and The Akashic Masters want to support you on this journey.

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I feel so supported and loved.

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Tarasa Lovick
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