Past Lives, Karma and the Body: Part Two

Bella’s story

I met Bella through another client. She and her husband had been trying to get pregnant without success. They had discussed doing IVF but she had reservations after seeing the toll it had taken on both her sister and a friend.

One of Bella’s co-workers had attended a series of my Akashic Records workshops and also done a few private sessions. She experienced many positive changes after discovering karma and promises she’d made in past lives, and the clearing we did together.

While they were having lunch one day, Bella shared what she’d been going through and my client suggested to reach out to me. “It took me two weeks before I finally did!” she told me when she called.

What we discovered

I made sure we went slowly and that being gentle was a priority. As soon as we opened her Akashic Records, I sensed there was information that would be helpful to Bella. After revealing her happy childhood – one where wealth afforded her the best life available – the Akashic Masters shifted gears and I received impressions with a different energy.

As a young wife, Bella lost one child before it was born and another before he turned one. No one discussed emotions during this period in time. She was expected to buck up and get pregnant again immediately.

Although the third child was born healthy, Bella was a mess. Depressed and still grieving the loss of her other children, Bella’s parents decided her newborn was better off in their care and took the child to their home. Her husband, who she loved deeply, couldn’t understand what was happening and they grew apart, further isolating her.

This piece we were shown was certainly more than enough to help us understand why Bella had some resistance to having children in this life.

Now what?

The deep grief Bella had felt in that life was intense. I knew clearing this experience was going to have an impact on her whole being. I also knew when she made it to the other side of this experience, the relief and peace would be just as strong. I reminded her to take extra good care of herself as the energy we cleared made its way through the third dimension.

I followed up with her the next day to check-in and repeat my self-care caveat. She sounded like she was processing everything well, but when I touched base the following week, things were a bit different.

“I’ve really struggled the last couple of days,” she told me. “My shoulders are sore and my lower back is so tight,” I explained that this was most likely energy moving through the physical field. And that the Akashic Masters never would have given her the information without the ability to process it.

We discussed ways she could offer herself exquisite self-care and Bella promised she would be extra kind to herself and stay tuned into her body so she could provide it with optimal care.

The power of truth

Bella decided to share what she’d learned with her husband. He immediately made a reservation for them to go away for the weekend to a quiet resort where they enjoyed the relaxation, good food, and more than one spa treatment!

They talked more honestly than they ever had about having a family and by the end of their stay, they realized they didn’t want children. “We were both so happy being an Aunt and Uncle to our sibling’s kids,” Bella told me. “But we were afraid to tell each other.

The “other side” of the experience didn’t look the way Bella had expected. But she and her husband now have such peace and harmony in their relationship. “I feel like a totally different person,” she said. “I always felt such pressure – from my parents, from society – to have kids. The Akashic Masters knew just what they were doing!”

As I said last month, when we experience things in isolation, the mind can play tricks on us. It can make us feel as if no one understands or has experienced anything like it. That isn’t true and was my driving force in wanting to start this important dialogue.

Of course, you must do what feels right for you and I cannot stress enough the value of health professionals. Please seek their advice if you feel led. Stay connected to Source as best you can and take the guidance offered to know what is best for you.

You are a spiritual warrior! Your bravery in exploring your past lives pays off is so many ways. Just remember to be kind to yourself during the process. Continue to level up your self-care game during this pandemic because dealing with any change can be stressful. To support your journey, I’d like to give you my Prayer for Upgraded DNA and Reclaim Your Energy Meditation ( which you can download here. Please share your story around how the body responds to clearing in the comments below. We’re all in this together!

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