The Value of Feeling Safe

Repeating History

I’ve been working with Angelique for a number of years. During our time together we’ve uncovered karma, vows, and experiences that she brought into this life that has slowed her down. Together, with the Akashic Masters, we’ve improved her relationships with her family, conquered fears around trust, and mitigated her negative beliefs around finances.

I always found it interesting that nothing about career ever came up in our sessions, but I’ve learned that the timing is never in our control. I knew that Angelique’s professional life never caused her to suffer but she wasn’t really thrilled either. When she decided she wanted to start a new business in the midst of the pandemic, she reached out to me to voice concerns I never knew she had.

Thoughts and feelings

Over the time I’ve known her, Angelique has had several businesses. Among others, she created jewelry, provided support for real estate agents, and did taxes. None of these businesses ever achieved the success she secretly longed for and this new idea had brought those emotions to the surface.

“I’ve always wondered what I was doing wrong,” she told me. “I guess I distracted myself from how I felt by just starting a new business.” Her previous ventures were enough to support a simple lifestyle when she was younger and contribute to the household after she got married and started a family. Now her youngest child had left the nest to move in with his girlfriend and Angelique wanted to get back in the game.

Laying the groundwork for success

I asked her what she wanted from this new adventure. “I want to be able to travel with my husband and afford the extras we had to skip while raising the kids.” I paused to give her space to contemplate what else might be at play. After a moment, she continued. “I want to prove to myself that I can create a business that is profitable, that serves my community as well as myself.”

Tell me a bit about what you want to do, I said. “I want to sell real estate.” There was excitement in her voice. “I’ve always loved it and I danced around that by helping other agents with organization and marketing. But now I have my license and I want to really do it and diving into my Akashic Records has always been so helpful before.”

The past gets released

What we learned was that Angelique had owned a thriving shop in another life. It made enough money to support the immediate family, and even a few relatives when they fell on hard times. She was the one everyone looked up to, always a responsible financial steward with enough to help others when they were in need. This had been a huge part of her sense of self-worth.

Then she contracted a serious illness. It didn’t kill her, but it did kill the business. No matter how hard the others tried to keep it alive, they eventually were forced to shutter the doors and the entire family became homeless. They moved in with a distant cousin in another town because he was the only one who had enough room to accommodate everyone.

The shame and sadness Angelique carried with her into this life created a subconscious belief that owning a business wasn’t safe – that something awful would happen if she pressed on. “I believed I let everyone down,” she whispered. “How ridiculous. Getting sick wasn’t in my control.”

Grateful to have an answer as to why she had jumped from one business to another, she was at last free to do something she really loved and develop a solid revenue stream from it. “I’m also going to make sure I’m not the only one who knows how I do things,” she laughed. “Maybe if I’d have trained someone else before I got sick, the shop would have survived.”

In addition to clearing out the emotions that created that false belief, Angelique’s realization that not delegating could be an impediment to success will prevent her from repeating history. After our session, she felt safe to step out in a new way and is well on her way to contributing to her family and community in a meaningful way.

We live in tentative times right now and past life karma and experiences can add to the stress. If you’re feeling vulnerable and think it’s just about the current circumstances, why not connect with your Akashic Records to be sure?

At, you’ll find a guided meditation that will help you to connect with your own Akashic Records. You can download it as my gift.

However, you decide to do it, I’m confident you have the courage to explore your past lives with the Akashic Masters and free yourself for your next adventure.

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