We Can All Do Better, Be Better. Here’s How.

No one knows how long it will take before we find our collective footing, which is why it’s more important now than ever for those of us on a conscious path to find it for ourselves. The only way to find that stability is to stand in the light of your true self and the Akashic Masters offer guidance on how you can step into it.

Where do we start?

The Akashic Masters have a simple answer to this question. The mirror. What is going on right now is all happening to bring awareness to the trauma and harm that we’ve inflicted on the planet and humanity.

A lot of us on a spiritual path want to jump in to help “fix” things when what the world needs most are spiritual warriors who have done the work to clear their own lives from conflict, pain, and trauma.

Jumping into external action before taking the internal action to align with the pure energy that radiates from Source will not make things better. Are you willing to look in the mirror in the light of day and ask yourself what needs to be cleared in order for you to be a powerful steward of change?

It starts with you

Where in your life are you holding on to pain, conflict, and trauma? Once you identify the people or situations that cause you to experience that negative emotion, you can release it. The awareness many of us now have around the level of suffering experienced by the people in our community who have been treated differently, in both overt and subtle ways, because of their skin color, creates a range of emotions. Sadness. Guilt. Anger. Judgment.

It may feel uncomfortable, but emotions won’t hurt you. They are reminders of what it feels like to be human, to live out of alignment, to be in the dark. They are meant to be felt fully so you can learn from them, release them and take the next step on not only your healing journey but also the planet’s.

Whether the mirror reveals your thoughts and behavior around race or something more personal – family, friends, the feeling of unworthiness – now is the time to ask the Akashic Masters for support, to reach into your childhood or past lives and uncover anything you’ve brought with you that doesn’t serve your Soul Plan.

An array of baggage

You may be surprised by what comes up from inquiring, but the Akashic Masters are here to help you become aware of and clear out anything from other lifetimes that prevents you from being your true self. You may even be surprised at what comes up because we often become absorbed into what we’ve come to call “normal.”

The courage so many of my clients demonstrate by facing unresolved issues from this life and past lives is empowering. They’ve bravely cleared their roadblocks and are now much better positioned to hear and act on guidance around actions they need to take in the world.

Deb experienced money issues for years. Every time she thought she was on stable ground, something happened to “prove” to her that it wasn’t true. When we opened her Akashic Records, it was revealed that in another life she’d been forcefully removed from her home and thrown in debtor’s prison. “I’ve always had this irrational fear that I would be taken from my home,” she told me later. “I couldn’t even admit that until right now”. By releasing the past life, unconscious fear, she could take conscious steps toward stability in her life.

A visit to Roger’s Akashic Records showed him how being an indentured servant in another life was still affecting his relationships today. He continually attracted people and situations where he felt taken advantage of. Awareness of the vow he’d made to his “master” in another life helped him to work with the Akashic Record Keepers to clear that promise. “I didn’t even realize how much I resented people,” he wrote a few weeks after we met. “I guess I needed to not feel resentful so I could see that I’d felt that way.”

With both of Deb and Roger, the Akashic Masters showed us what was necessary to clear out those past life issues so they could take the next step on their spiritual journey in this life.

Clearing allows authentic actions

Before her encounter with the Akashic Masters, Deb had tried multiple volunteer positions. Without knowing it, she was bringing her fear with her to every one of them and there always seemed to be an issue that drove her away. Now she works with a local organization that helps first-time homebuyers learn the financial and practical ropes of owning a house.

Roger is still active in his church and community, but he is learning to put his needs first. “I love setting up for an event, but I don’t say yes if I’m asked to help break it down. Instead, I go home and feel good about how I did participate without feeling bad that someone else had to do the clean-up.”

We can’t stay stuck in the old normal if we want to create a new earth. Collectively, we are all here to raise the vibration of the planet and all of its inhabitants. The only way to achieve this is to first address what holds us back from fulfilling our Soul Plan and then listen to and act on the guidance we get about how to participate in changing the world.

If you’d like to connect with your Akashic Masters, you can use the free meditation I have on my site Reclaim Past Life Wisdom. I am here to support your healing journey, whether through connection with the resources on my site or a private reading. Together, we can be powerful agents of change and continue moving our planet and humanity toward a new existence.