Our Planet, Ourselves

Our Planet, Ourselves

Most of us tend to go about daily lives giving scant thought to the earth beneath our feet; it’s simply the ground we walk on, devoid of life force. That is, unless and until we forge a crucial connection with our living, life-giving planet.

In a sense, the nature of our consciousness is directly proportional to our consciousness of nature: when we see ourselves and Gaia as aspects of an intrinsic whole, our awareness of our place in the Greater Story expands. 

Of this crucial need for conscious awareness, psychologist Maria Sagi, PhD, writes, 

“In the consciousness of modern people, the dimension of instinct, insight, and spontaneous apprehension is missing; it has been dismissed as mere imagination, a carryover from mystical and esoteric speculation. We need a wider and deeper, more planetary consciousness. We are… a system embedded in the biosphere, but we treat the world around us as… a mechanical array of independent elements, a system that is decomposable to its parts. We care only for the part that we perceive as ours. This generates a wide range of conflicts: economic, social, as well as cultural.”

As we approach Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year, when the sun “stands still”, it’s a potent moment to begin to honor all life and appreciate how Mother Earth supports us — not just humans, but all life that dwells upon her.

Consider our breath, the essence of life itself. Humans and animals require oxygen to live. We breathe in oxygen, and breathe out carbon dioxide. To us, carbon dioxide is a useless gas. But trees use carbon dioxide for photosynthesis — and expel oxygen as a waste product. So, when we decimate a forest, we are destroying our life support system.


Bridging Heaven and Earth

If you have a soul contract to help heal humanity or help our dear Mother Earth, then you may find it useful to create more inclusive boundaries. You are rewriting contracts with Earth, including learning to give and receive energy in a different way.

You can use the visualization below when you go to a park, forest or beach. Simply sit with your back against a tree or on a park bench and take off your shoes. It’s even better if you can go to a beach to bury your feet in the sand. Once you are there, the Tripod Grounding System will get you very grounded and present in your physical body.


Tripod Grounding System

With your feet on the ground, imagine that your feet chakras, which are in the arches of your feet, are open wide. Visualize or intend that your feet are growing roots down into the Earth. See them go down about two to three feet into the soil or sand then spread out as a thick root system. 

Now imagine you have a long grounding cord. It can look like an animal tail starting at the base of your spine, the end of your tailbone, extending deep down into the core of the Earth. Imagine this tail is as wide as your hips, and as it reaches the core of the Earth wrap it around the core for grounding, clearing and stability. 

Some find it helpful to imagine this tail as fluid liquid light, similar to a waterfall. Watch the old, dark energy flow down your grounding cord.

Now ask Mother Earth to help you release and clear all the old energy from your body that no longer serves you. You can imagine it pouring down through your grounding cord or tail into the molten core of the earth, burning up and being recycled for the highest good of all. 

After this meditation, it’s a good time to write a soul contract with dear 

Gaia/Mother Earth, most especially if you choose to dedicate yourself to supporting her. It is much simpler than we are led to believe. You would be surprised how many things can be done to help Gaia energetically with conscious intention. Below is a healing prayer to consciously support her. 



Dearest Mother Gaia, I honor you and wish to support you.

Please guide me to help you by creating strong and solid boundaries.

As I become clearer every day, I will support you by becoming a “conscious bridge.”

I bridge high vibrational divine energy through my body to you,

through my feet and grounding tail into your Earth body.

I know this high cosmic energy is uplifting, healing and

supportive on your journey as well as mine.

I feel blessed to be able to share this with you.

So it is. Blessed Be.


This is how we can initiate positive “climate change,” in our own lives as well as in the world. As above, so below. As without, so within. Perhaps you can apply this expanded awareness to a relationship in your life that has been “overheated,” or frozen, and needs to flow again. 

Where do you need to open a figurative window to let more fresh air into your life?

Gaia is here for us, and always has been. We are part of the life cycle; Her body is our body. As you consciously acknowledge the beauty and perfection of everything our planet provides in service to all life, you’ll begin to understand, on a deep level, that you are one with the All.

Solstice Blessings!



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