Debbie Johnson

Deborah Johnson has experience in Holistic Wellness. Her journey began over 30 years ago with Personal Messages and Healings with family members. In recent years, her understanding of the human body has far surpassed the mere physical realm. To her It is important to treat one’s energetic ‘Aura’ as this is an outward link to physical ailments, addiction, and emotional suffering. 

In 2016 Deborah became a certified Akashic Records (AR) Consultant Healer. She continued deepening her channeling gift with other aspects of your AR which includes Clearing and Healing Pattern, Spiritual Assessment, Spiritual Life Coaching, and aspects of your Business or Spirit Consciousness. She welcomes you to experience her channeling gift through her website’s monthly subscription called – Afternoon Tea with “I AM that I AM.” (3rd Sunday at 2:00pm EST)

As you work with Deborah, your AR Keepers will aid you to develop confidence with your journey. Conversely, your Faith, Trust and Goodwill with Spirit are essential for overcoming obstacles. Your journey may require small or big steps as you re-shape your Spirit and Mind to reach your highest potential. 

 Each step you take can release fears and wounds from the past with new possibilities. These new possibilities may have you feeling totally set free with wings to fly! You may even begin to receive messages from Spirit with a sense of your ‘Guiding Light’ springing forth with goodness, mercy, compassion, and forgiveness with newfound strength, validity, and knowing of your Life’s Purpose.


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