Meg Zampino

Your Akashic Beings of Light are eager to talk with you! If you are new on your spiritual journey and uncertain what that journey looks like, I would enjoy helping you explore your Akashic Records. I love sharing Akashic energy and space with others: I still vividly remember my “before” brain, perspective, and outlook, and my muddled path through life without much clarity until I began my spiritual journey and my journey with the Akashic Records.

I first heard about the Akashic Records years ago by responding to a tiny ad in Sedona, AZ for Lisa’s class. Learning about the Records helped me understand the beautiful and clear energy I was stumbling into during meditation, Reiki, and spontaneously in everyday life. I immediately appreciated how wonderful it was to access that wisdom with intention and purpose, both for myself and for others. My Akashic Beings of Light had been popping in for years trying to get my attention and finally succeeded!

I have had my own business for a number of years, and am a licensed (inactive status) lawyer, so your Beings of Light will tend to give me practical, problem solving advice to share with you (but I cannot give legal advice through a reading). I enjoy working with the Records to expand creative energy, so that is another area of focus of my Akashic practice. I look forward to working with you!


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