Robin Reiss

A highly intuitive, compassionate and gifted Akashic Record reader, Robin creates a sacred container that activates the energies of the Divine Feminine, awakening a greater clarity, awareness and guidance into your soul’s purpose, lessons, contracts and vows.

Divinely guided to this work, Robin felt as though she had finally come home to her deepest soul-calling remembering other lifetimes/dimensions where she had been an Oracle. Born an empath, with a family lineage of clairvoyants behind her, Robin imbues her sessions with over 30+ years of multiple esoteric studies and spiritual practice inclusive of wisdom traditions. In addition, she brings her experiences as an energetic healer of several disciplines and Tarot teacher/reader. As an artist and registered board certified art therapist (ATR-BC), Robin is featured in an oracle deck of global woman artists. She also deeply revers and honors mother earth along with a land trust circle preserving thousand year old redwood trees.

The strength and power of Robin’s spiritual lens is derived from her lived experience of overcoming childhood trauma, losing her beloved soulmate in midlife from cancer, surviving the CA wildfires within minutes of it claiming her life and ahead of destroying her home, and her understanding of autoimmune sensitivity. 

From these experiences, she realizes how our wounds and traumas are our deepest teachers guiding us back to our wholeness.

Robin works with highly sensitive individuals, creatives, and people wanting to awaken to their most actualized self. After a reading, people often report: feeling more sovereign, self-trusting, and connected to a greater truth; personal and ancestral obstructions from across timelines having cleared; and being able to move forward with vision and ease. Many times, clients are more aware of their multi-dimensional gifts and blessings.

Robin looks forward to helping you uncover the beauty and expression of your divine, most essential, self.


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