A Conscious Step Toward Balance

It’s that time of the year where we argue with ourselves about whether to make resolutions, create goals or declare our intentions. Whatever you choose, seeing it through to fruition requires change. While it may seem easy in our minds – drop a few pounds, give up complaining, stick to the budget – the implementation of any change is a journey, but one that is required for evolution, whether it be our own or the collective’s.

The Akashic Masters are emphatic in their message that it is collective change that will move us toward the balance that is essential to establish the New Earth. And collective change is not possible without individual change.


What kind of change is needed?


In this moment, more light is being brought to the darkness in which we’ve been immersed for centuries. The marginalization, oppression, and suffering we experience, or witness, is a result of infrastructures designed to support those who created the systems, not those who use them.

To support the march toward a New Earth, we need to clear that dark, inverted energy that holds all of the hurt, suffering and harm together. Balance, of every kind in every area, is the shift needed to manifest the world we are trying to create.

It’s an enormous job, but we must begin somewhere. That starting point is the willingness to participate in collective change by first making the adjustments needed in our individual lives to remove the distortions that prevent us from seeing the light.


How easy is it to change?


I have a friend who is a professor at a medical school. Each year, a new class of wide-eyed students shuffles into his first semester requirement of medical communications. They are eager to help make people’s lives better, but their verve can often come across as judgmental to a patient as they tell them their health will be so much better if they just lose weight or quit smoking. 

Years ago, he developed a class project to help them better understand what they are asking of their patients. He instructs them to identify one change they’d like to make in their own lives and then keep a journal of their progress. The goal is to keep it simple – brushing your teeth a second time a day, getting to the gym once more every week, eating another serving of vegetables with dinner.

Periodically, he checks in with them and they have a group discussion about the trials and tribulations of making even one tiny change. They often make excuses about challenging schedules, tight finances, or uncooperative roommates. While those all may be facts, they don’t alter the truth that they are struggling to make even a simple change. Most are still eating pizza or protein bars four days a week instead of even one vegetable, much less a second. 

By the end of the semester, most of the students understand why their professor asked this of them. In the final discussion at the end of the semester, their hard-lined stance of what is necessary for a patient to improve their health has softened in the midst of their own inability to stick with a change one hundred percent.

The lesson ends up being lost on some of them, but those who participate fully understand just how difficult it can be to make even a single change in the scope of life’s interruptions and chaos.


An enormous job… one step at a time


The Akashic Masters ask all of us to identify one step we can make toward creating balance in our lives. Especially at this time of the year, we pile on all the ways we want to be different, which often results in nothing getting accomplished. 

What is required for us to keep progressing toward a New Earth involves each of us taking a step in that direction. For the rest of this year, each Akashic Knowing blog will focus on one area where we, as a species, need to find balance – from career and finances to finding it within our genders and families. 

According to some experts, changing something in our lives can take up to a year to anchor, not the twenty-one days we’ve been led to believe. This isn’t a sprint; it’s a marathon. But the Akashic Masters assure me it is one worth embarking upon and one in which it’s important to remember to be kind to ourselves during the process.

We need to support each other through this transitional piece in our history and I am committed to doing that however I’m able. If you’re on a healing journey with trauma, take my Healing Trauma Quiz (https://akashic-knowing.involve.me/healing-trauma-quiz) and learn more about how you can recognize and heal your soul’s traumatic experiences.

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No matter how you choose to get support in taking a step toward the balance needed to support the manifestation of a New Earth, you are worth the time and energy it requires to do it. And so are all of those who will come after us.

I wish you a joyous, healthy, and prosperous 2024!


Mother, Father, Goddess, God, as I feel the sadness of the
apparent loss of a dear friend/family member,
I ask for support to shift fully from my mind into my heart.

I breathe and see the golden light spinning ever faster as I breathe into my heart space.

I know they are infinite and eternal spirits and perfect in this moment.
I open to receive messages from my loved ones who have crossed.

Please help me to hear clearly and to be a conduit for the love and wisdom they share.

So it is. Blessed Be.

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