The Power of the Akashic Record
Your Monthly Healing Experience

Welcome Bright Spirit,

If you’re ready to go directly to where you can find real answers and healing to your questions and healing from the Lords of the Akasha, I’ve got something you’re going to love:

The Power of the Akashic Record
Your Monthly Healing Experience

I’m Lisa Barnett and as an internationally-respected Akashic Record Transformational Teacher and the founder of Akashic Knowing School, I’ve spent 20 years working with clients in the spiritual healing realms.

I specialize in clearing soul contracts, karma, and vows – helping individuals arrive on their soul’s path. My unique healing technique called “Pain Body Release” helps clients let go of their accumulated emotional pain, from both their past and current lives.

As a channel of the Akashic Record wisdom and healing energy , I’ve already helped thousands of people around the globe find greater fulfillment, happiness, abundance, and health by aligning with their Soul’s Path, understanding their Soul Contracts, and breaking out of constricting patterns by receiving information from their soul’s library.

I’m thrilled to announce the official launch of a very special members program that is very dear to my soul. I often say “I’m a healer at heart” and that’s why I’m starting this program. My desire is to bring the Akashic Healing Energy and Wisdom to you now at this crucial time in history.

I’ve heard from so many around the world, that you are:

~Still feel blocked and stuck in old patterns
~Struggling with lack of money, love or both
~Feeling like you came to assist humanity but don’t know how
~Ready to drop the anger, worry and fear, but it keeps coming back

On these calls I will share about different topics each week and we will do group healing to shift you out of your troubles, doubts, and fears. It’s time to move into a place where you are continually guided by your soul and connected to your soul path.

Each week I will answer a few of the listeners questions about blocks in their lives and we will do group clearing on the call with everyone so You will benefit from the questions asks and healing offered.

When you join the Akashic Healing Experience you will receive:

~One Live 90-minute Member Call per month
~Q & A with direct work for individuals and the group on each call
~Knowledge from the Akashic Masters to illuminate your soul experience
~Powerful “Akashic Healing prayers” to use at home to accelerate your progress
~Replays of each call to download

When you register for this Akashic Healing Experience and you will immediately receive TWO BONUSES:

Bonus 1:
25% off a 30-minute private
Akashic Consultation with Lisa

25percentSavings Coupon-30 min

Bonus 2:
Guided, Guarded and
($38 Value)


To Become a Founding Member of

The Power of the Akashic Record Healing Experience

Here are some of the breakthroughs you’ll receive when you commit to our monthly group sessions:

~Open your heart to receive abundance of all kinds, Your Birth Right
~Attract new high vibration situations and people into your life
~Revive Faith in Divinity, Source, Yourself and The World
~Learn amazing self-empowerment tools
~Clear karma from past lives
~Learn how past life Vows affect you still
~Clear old blocks and childhood beliefs
~Transmute patterns of low self worth
~Increased Self Love

Akashic Healing Experience is open to only 100 people so YOU can receive personal attention; I’ve created a Special Founders Price for the Founding 100 Members:

$47 per month

The price goes up to $74 in 2016 so lock in your FOUNDERS PRICE
$47 per month


$564 per year

Get 12 Months for the Price of 10
(That’s 2 months free)

(A value of over $5640 in 1-to-1 sessions)

My Personal Guarantee:

“You will feel Empowered by this Akashic Healing Experience” or you’ll receive a Refund!

I want you to feel like you have gotten so much out of this program, that I fully guarantee that you’ll feel lighter and less burdened. You’ll see your blocks disappear immediately.

If you show up to all the calls, do the assigned exercises and practice the prayer work, and don’t feel like this empowered your life – I will be happy to give you a “no questions asked” full refund.

I stand behind the Akashic Record Masters and their Energy Healing!

Lisa has helped me heal a deep sadness that was threatening my health. As she guided us through her activation I could sense what was doing. 
Even after 40 years of self growth, Gurus, Healing, other on-line activations, meditations and good food,  I could not let go of this burden I was carrying. 
The next day, I was a NEW PERSON, and 3 days later I still remember that feeling.  I have downloaded the recording to hear her again. I want to become her student.
Thank you so much for being a catalyst for my Healing,
Manon Laurin, Canada

Lisa Barnett emanates loving, sincerity, and authenticity. She is lovingly and powerfully answering the call to be of service to the planet by sharing her knowledge and wisdom around the Akashic Records and teaching others to use this important resource for their individual up-liftment and the up-liftment of the planet. I can personally attest to the effectiveness of her meditations and the clarity and power of her wisdom in the interviews I have listened to of her. I am grateful for the work Lisa is doing and her wonderful example as a powerful Light bearer.
Joseph Casan, Spiritual Counselor, Los Angeles

Dear Lisa,
Just listened to your speaking on a tele-summit and was amazed by your clear, sweet and refreshing energy. I am Medical doctor from Republic of Georgia and your energy touched me even here. I am really blessed that I had this amazing call today. Thank you so much for helping people like me who need support and help from people like you.
I know that help for me is inside of me and want to find that magic in me which will change my life. I think your Akashic course may be very useful in this endeavor.
Thank you again so much for being there helping us and making difference in our lives. That is such an amazing gift.
Peace of mind, body and soul,

Lisa helped me shift a very deep, long-standing self-loathing that I had been unable to shift despite years of clearing,  healing, and consciousness work. After the clearing I had pressure in my forehead and a slight headache. A few minutes later I felt much lighter.
That evening I caught sight of myself in a mirror and felt a heart connection. Later I noticed thoughts of compassion toward myself. The relentless barrage of criticism has eased up. I feel more hopeful about my life and future. This shift has been an incredible gift.
Thank you Lisa for the Graceful Being that you are and the powerful Love, Light and Transformation you are bringing to the planet with your Sacred work!
Much appreciation, 

I tuned into your show this evening and thought you were utterly FANTASTIC. You are a true “conduit for Divine energy and listening to you kept reminding me of a glass of champagne — effervescent and exuberant! Your joy seeps out of your pores and I’m sure every listener felt the same way I did. And, of course, there was also the uplifting material — the Akashic Records! I experienced many tingles and everything you said really resonated.
I love the vital importance of your message and its far-reaching, life-altering implications. Part of me wants to shout: OK, folks, forget all the pursuits and endeavors and degrees and all the other stuff — all you need is what Lisa is teaching about the Akashic Records!
Catherine, Oregon

Holy Moses! How many karmic lessons can we let go of in one call? Lisa Barnett rocked it!
Holy Moses is right! Lisa took us through one clearing after another and released old imprints that are preventing us from manifesting the incredible abundance that is waiting for all of us.
Lisa realigned the karma that has us entrenched in our limiting thoughts revolving around money and accessed The Akashic Masters who shined their light to clear poverty vows, from past lives and also blew the gates open to free us from ties that keep us enslaved in programs that had us chained to the hamster wheel of life. The comments from the call were overwhelming. The clearings were deep and empowering. Great call!
John Burgos, Host of Beyond the Ordinary Show (Telesummit)

Testimonials from “A Year of Miracles” with Debra Poneman & Marci Shimoff:

First, I want to thank you for the gifts you shared with us tonight. Second, I wanted to tell you that I had the most amazing experience with your meditation.  It was at the part when I was at the party and was given all the amazing gifts.  With each gift my chest literally expanded and I felt my heart get huge.  I have never really meditated before this program so this is all new.  The whole time I was laying on the bed with my feet to the ground it was as if my chest was being lifted.  Thank you for this beautiful opportunity.
Extremely Honored,
Gillian Barreca

Dear Lisa,
Thank you so much for the Year of Miracles call last night with Marci and Debra. Your energy, your heart, your love and compassion are so wonderful. It was such a beautiful time. I so greatly appreciate it.

Thank You Soooooooo Much –your Sweet Loving Energy came through Loud and Clear and you helped many of us move forward in very profound ways –the Ning Website is buzzing with praise of you –I have a feeling we will meet again soon —
With all Love and Blessings,

Dear Lisa 
I was just able to listen to the replay of the session you did for Your Year of Miracles with Marci Shimoff. But i just re-listened to it and I am sooo grateful for your help and I thank you, I thank you and i thank you. I sooo look forward to my miracles and success in my acting career. Also i will definitely be using the meditation you gave us to help me with my acting journey.
Blessings to you,

Hi Lisa,
Thank you for the beautiful past life meditation and for the phone session with Marci and Debra last night.  The energy clearing you did was very powerful for me.  Since the clearing I have been feeling light in my body and my heart feels light and joyful.  I feel like I’m reconnecting with my Soul family.  Thank you again.
Peace and blessings,

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This is very powerful.

I’ve been doing your Soul Signature meditation daily, leaving my symbol everywhere in the galaxy. I have seen an increase in my clientele every day. I even saw you Soul Symbol written across the sky by 3 airplanes crossing. Beautiful validation....

I am very grateful for this teaching...

Dear Lisa.

I’ve been having an amazing and life-changing few months, since I took your tele-seminar and learned to access my Akashic Record. I wanted to share a bit of what I’m doing, with you.

My Akashic Record Masters & Tea...


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