Would you like help in getting your deepest questions answered?

Are you ready to change things in your life but don’t know how?

No matter where you are in your spiritual development, you have a soul plan;
you just may not have access to it yet.

Your soul has a unique mission and by learning to connect with your soul and your divine guidance you can make new choices with less worry. Everything your soul has ever done, including your talents and wisdom are stored in your book of life, your Akashic Record.

Everything you have ever been is recorded to assist you in your life work, spiritual growth and to understand the plan your soul wrote before you came to earth.

When you learn to access your Akashic Records you can access information about your soul plan, answer your questions about your soul purpose and learn to heal and clear unconscious blocks as you are divinely guided everyday by your personal Akashic Beings of Light.

Your Akashic Record holds the key to who you are as a soul and what your soul wishes to accomplish in this life.

If you’re ready to take this empowering step, I’ll guide you through a simple 5 step wisdom process that will teach you to:

  • Gain clarity around the next creative steps in your life
  • Open your heart to receive more powerful connections and relationships to support your path and your life
  • Understand the challenging relationships in your life, the gift they hold, and how to heal them.
  • Clear Money Blocks and open a money flowinto your life
  • Clear your personal energy field so that you can set healthy boundaries and make decisions based on your soul purpose
  • Receive tools to understand and release the Karma that is keeping you stuck in old patterns.
  • Work with your soul contracts and bring to completion those that no longer serve you.
  • Ask questions of the Akashic Masters so you will gain clarity at a crossroad and be able to make accurate decisions
  • Realize what’s keeping you from bringing greater abundance of everything into your life.
  • Raise your energy vibration daily, up-grade your healing power and intuitive guidance
  • Learn about how your past lives affect this life and what you can do to shift that old energy.
  • Learn to retrieve an aspect of your soul you may have lost along the way, such as gifts & talents, confidence, power, your unique voice, and the ability to receive love.

When you’re on purpose, life flows easier, there is greater clarity, and your attraction factor is high. Life can be challenging when you are out of alignment with your soul plan and what you came here to accomplish.

Accessing your Akashic Record will help you find the core truth of who you are and to remember the gifts and talents you have come to share.

Akashic Knowing School of Wisdom is here to help you tap into your highest Soul potential, access your divine guide, boost your abilities to create and manifest the life you desire as you walk your true Soul path. These classes are life changing!

Akaskic Record Self Mastery Workshop
San Francisco – Labor Day Weekend

Course 1: Saturday, Sept 1, 10am – 7pm, and Sunday, Sept 2, 10am -1pm
Course 2: Sunday, Sept 2, 2:30pm – 7:30pm, and Monday, Sept 3, 10am – 6pm


Register Before August 19th and Save $150!

1 Payment of $800 $650

Visit the Classes page to register for Course 1 or Course 2 only.

Course 1: Access Your Personal Akashic Record Wisdom
In this first course, you will learn how to access your own Akashic Record, using a vibrational key in the form of a sacred prayer. This key easily opens the door to Divine Guidance from your own Soul’s Library, your Akashic Record. This course makes it easy for you to rise to a new perspective as you ask questions about your life, your soul plan and your next steps. Practice and assistance to help you feel secure in the information you receive.

In Access your Akashic Wisdom Workshop you will learn:

  • 3 Sacred Akashic Access Prayers to directly and easily access your Akashic Record
  • 7 Healing Prayers given to us by the Akashic Lords
  • To practice accessing your Akashic Record to ensure continued success in receiving more information
  • Help to bring clarity into your life and release old ways of being that no longer serve you
  • Guidelines and meditation to keep you Guided, Guarded and Protected
  • Learn about your Analyzer and how it creates Doubt and Judgment
  • Cosmic and Earth energy to Supplement your body
  • The art of formulating questions to receive life-enhancing answers

No Prerequisite

Course 2: Access Ancient Soul Wisdom & Past Lives

In this second course, you will experience a deepening into areas of the Akashic Record that you may not have explored. We work in the vastness of the “A” Field to understand our lives with greater wisdom. The realms of the Akashic Field are infinite and the chance to explore them in depth will give you the ability to see the Big Picture of your life and your choices.

In Ancient Soul Wisdom Workshop you will:

  • Explore the past lives that may influence you and your life situation now.
  • Examine your ancestral lineage and learn why you may have chosen your family of origin.
  • Explore your Soul lineage, Soul plan and purpose
  • Learn to move outside of Time & Space to clear stuck energy
  • Learn about Past Life Timelines
  • Reclaim Past Life gifts and talents to support you in this life
  • Clear entities including soul contracts with them
  • Up-grade your Creative Energy

Prerequisite: Course 1

Register before July 29th and receive these bonuses:


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on a 55-Minute PRIVATE AKASHIC

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Would you like to say goodbye to your struggle and
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Finally…a way to get the answers and the transformation
you’re looking for without having to wait for months or years!

To create this change, I will access your Akashic Records to see the true nature and core beliefs behind your issues, pain and blocks. Guided by your questions, I channel information from your Masters of your Akashic Record. Information about your Soul’s plan and Soul contracts, your life’s purpose or how your past lives are affecting this lifetime are all available to us in the Akashic Record. I receive information to help you nurture your soul’s development.


Rainbow Shield Meditation

rainbow shiled

  • Do you know which thoughts and feelings are yours and which one come from someone else?
  • Have you thought that you don’t have the best boundaries with people but you don’t know how to create them?
  • It is very surprising to know that for most people 60-90% of their emotions & thoughts aren’t even theirs.
  • By clearing your energy field and filling yourself up with your “personal best” energy, you can claim your own feelings and find your way in life with your true desires, not someone else’s.
  • We add a natural protective rainbow shield so you are clear and safe as you travel in the world every day.

When you complete this guided meditation, you will have a clear energy field, from the inside out and this will allow you to be guided and protected as you take your next steps. Without building walls, you will also be guarded and solid, like a beautiful Golden Egg.Try this meditation everyday for a week and you will see your world change around you as you claim your Souls energy and purpose.


Grounding Your Kite Meditation

grounding_the_kiteImagine your spirit as a kite flying outside of your body. When it’s time to create on this earth plane, most people only come down into their heart chakra and no further. But we need to go deeper, to our solar plexus chakra, and getting there requires being grounded.

After this meditation you will:

  • Feel grounded and connected to your body
  • Be present and aware
  • Gain practical insight and intuition

Do this meditation daily and see how much easier it is to create and manifest new ideas in your life.


Call Back Your Energy Meditation

call_back_your_energy_mp3_playerDo you feel drained and tired? You may be leaving your energy scattered throughout time and space, at work or with friends and family. And while your intentions may be good, by giving away your energy, you’re left feeling depleted. By reclaiming your vital energy, you will revitalize yourself and be of even greater service to others.

After this meditation you will:

  • Feel more whole
  • Be energized and present in the moment
  • Manifest more powerfully in the physical dimension

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Join your Soul Family

You will meet other Akashic Record Students and Soul Family in the group. You can ask questions of Lisa and the group everyday to deepen your Akashic work and get ideas and feedback on Akashic processes and exercises to support you.

Lisa is a great spiritual guide, and delivers Akashic Wisdom with patience and good humor. She’s always receptive to questions and clear when giving feedback. Based on the class and accompanying guide, I feel that I have all the tools to go into the Akashic records whenever I’d like to. The information and guidance found within is of great assistance to me in all walks of my life, and I feel more aligned and certain of my soul’s path as a result. It is also really helpful when choosing our baby steps to get to our larger goals. I definitely feel a positive, expansive energy shift every time I go into my records, made possible by the strong foundation and support given by Lisa. Big thanks!
Calder G., California

Lisa is a wonderful teacher. Her energy is amazing and healing. I have grown tremendously and I now have the tools to continue my own personal journey, work and knowledge of the Akasha.
Lyne D., Canada

Thank you very much for this wonderful course. It was so much fun – practical, informational – and a lot was cleared. I am really grateful for you opening us to this beautiful, life-changing realm of the Akashic Records!
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Sylvie R., Canada

Akaskic Record Self Mastery Workshop
San Francisco – Labor Day Weekend

Course 1: Saturday, Sept 1, 10am – 7pm, and Sunday, Sept 2, 10am -1pm
Course 2: Sunday, Sept 2, 2:30pm – 7:30pm, and Monday, Sept 3, 10am – 6pm


Register Before August 19th and Save $150!

1 Payment of $800 $650

Visit the Classes page to register for Course 1 or Course 2 only.

After 20 years of exploring everything on the map and being a medical intuitive for a living all those years I couldn’t imagine getting much from saying a prayer.
Finally I had a free weekend and the class is so inexpensive that I decided to take it just to be in a room of high vibrational, conscious people. That weekend changed my life.
It turbo charged me by giving a greater expansion of support from the Masters in ways I’d forgotten about.
In addition to that, the other students in the class who had little or no prior experience with Guidance attunement, all were instant accurate intuitives! Lisa was able to answer questions both days that kept raising the vibration. I got connected to a support system that I can now tap into daily. And do. Anybody can give you a piano but not everyone can tune it without some instruction.
Madalyn S, California

Just wanted to say, I was in tears almost immediately when the class started.
I was getting pictures of the Masters of the Akashic Record even before we got to the prayer and I just felt the communication flowing so freely from the beginning.
Over the past two years I’ve been wanting to resurrect my intuitive abilities, which is the reasons I’m doing your course. I really felt drawn to you & this profound information amongst the plethora of resources available over the internet. You and the class didn’t disappoint.
Tim D., Australia

Thank you for sharing this wonderful Akashic wisdom. I have worked with many healing modalities, most of them truly helpful- but working with the Akasha is a whole other level – and I am so grateful for the opportunity for such expanded growth, inspiration and healing.
With a big wave and a hug,
Sue, California

Lisa manages to graciously propel us through multi-dimensional energies with good-natured grace. Lisa is a bright spark. Always engaging and honoring our questions and energy.
Gwen D., Canada

Akashic Record Course 1 was a great experience. I felt very aligned with myself, grounded and centered. I was able to have a fluent conversation with my records and it was a great way to release old patterns. I made some business successes: I finally defined my mission and vision (after three years) and I also used the Akashic Records to write my articles and workbooks. It all became easier, more fluent and faster than in the past. I loved the prayers, especially the forgiveness prayer, and I use them every day. Thanks a lot for this course! I’ll now move forward with the 2nd course.
Natalie Jovanic, Spain

Upcoming Events

Jan 22nd – Feb 26th
Course 1: Teleseminar


Lisa cleared energy and healed karmic chords and I instantly felt lighter.

After a re-connection with an ex partner from over 2 decades ago, I was struggling to understand the feelings we were both experiencing in this rekindled friendship as these feelings were very intense. Lisa accessed my Akashic Record to see what e...

Rachel S.
United Kingdom
For the first time in years, I can see a clear path to reignite my passion for my profession.

I cannot say enough good things about Lisa and her Akashic reading.  Having really looked forward to the reading, I could not believe it when my 2 alarms did not go off and I was 10 minutes late. I could not help but think, “What in the World d...

Dianna A.
Owner, OH
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