Message from the Akashic Masters

Dearest Akashic Student, We are so pleased that you continue to join us in the Akashic Field. Our message today is related to the beautiful light that you are helping to bring to earth through your hearts and the Akashic connection. Thank you for doing this healing...

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Are You on Your Soul’s Path?

What is my soul’s purpose?  This is a questions often asked in Akashic Records Readings. The Akashic Beings of Light usually tell us that it is much more complex than one thing. Because you are ancient souls you have many purposes and often many paths in a single life...

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Clear Past Life Trauma & Free Your Life Today

How can the Akashic Records help us when we have an issue or trauma in our life? One of the greatest gifts we get when we start to open our own Akashic records and do this high vibrational work, is we start to comprehend how expansive we truly are. You are able to see...

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Feeling Those Good Vibrations

Most of us walk through our daily life just down here on street level. We see people and we think they're just these human beings with issues or traumas and we make up a story about them. But when we start to access our own Akashic records, we're lifted vibrationally...

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Mysteries and Misinformation

QUESTION:  The buzz that I hear is that there is a mystery around the Akashic Records and there’s so much misinformation. Can you explain this? You’re right about the mystery. I’ll tell you why it’s such a mystery. The truth is that thousands of years ago, the Akashic...

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Big Leap into the 5th Dimension in July!

The July Explosion  For the last 8 months The Akashic Masters have been saying to me "July!" They didn't say much more but I'd feel a big BURST of energy and see something that appeared to be an Explosion! This was fine back in February, March and even April but as we...

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New Book

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What My Clients Say:

Overall, Lisa's classes are tops...

I learned many valuable and easy to use questions to help me in my growth, healing and self-discovery processes in the class.  This in turn made it easier for me to come up with additional questions and topics to research in my Records.

Overall, Lisa's classes are tops. Thank you for all the information and guidance into my Akashic Record.

New Jersey

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Open Your Akashic Record and Discover the Gifts of Your Soul

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This is very powerful.

I’ve been doing your Soul Signature meditation daily, leaving my symbol everywhere in the galaxy. I have seen an increase in my clientele every day. I even saw you Soul Symbol written across the sky by 3 airplanes crossing. Beautiful validation....

I am very grateful for this teaching...

Dear Lisa.

I’ve been having an amazing and life-changing few months, since I took your tele-seminar and learned to access my Akashic Record. I wanted to share a bit of what I’m doing, with you.

My Akashic Record Masters & Tea...


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