Create the Life Your Heart and Soul Desire

Most people think the first step to create the life your heart and soul desire is to figure out what you want. Let me share a secret: There is a step before that. I know so many people who spend hours taking quizzes on social media in the hopes of finding the answer...

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The Fallacy of How to Find Your Life Purpose

What Exactly is a Life Purpose? Many think of purpose as a divine job description – entrepreneur, artist, healer – when what’s important are the gifts and talents you've accumulated from numerous lifetimes. Specific paths you've chosen in other lives may be a piece of...

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How the Akashic Masters Can Help You Stay in the Flow

I love when I have a day that resembles a yoga asana: Work. Breathe. Rest. Repeat. When I'm in that flow, so much more is accomplished than when I'm focused on goals. Sometimes life – family, deadlines, a cold, a flat tire – pull me out of it. Other times, it's my own...

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Stripping the Conditions from Unconditional Love

Unconditional love is just that – love without conditions. Even when we say we want unconditional love, there is a part of us that feels scared. In order for someone to love us unconditionally, won't they have to first see the conditions, the “reasons,” why they...

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Are You Ready for Real Love?

With February upon us, it's a perfect time to talk about love. Not Valentine's Day box-of-chocolates, ride-off-into-the-sunset love, but love that is deep and lasting. You might find yourself resisting what I have to say next, and that's OK. My goal is to plant a seed...

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Can You Experience Healing by Using the Akashic Records?

I've worked for over twenty years to clear the feelings of abandonment and unworthiness that were magnified by the loss of two childhood friends. If you're like most people interested in the Akashic Records, your response may be, “Twenty years!! I thought the Akashic...

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How to Make Karma Your Friend

The word karma carries a lot of emotional weight. People perform acts of kindness in hopes of receiving good karma. Others think twice about doing something unkind out of fear that karma will “get” them. Some even perceive it as punishment. In certain religions, karma...

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Why Work with the Akashic Records

Years ago, a friend and I got season passes to a local amusement park for the summer. Imagine prepping four little ones – sunscreen, snacks, water, bathing suits – and loading them up for the drive. Several times a month, we strolled through the park, seven kids in...

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Free Gift for You

Improve your relationships! Use this meditation to connect heart to heart consciously with people in your life and to dissolve old and unconscious cords or connections that no longer serve you.

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April 3rd – May 15th
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What My Clients Say:

I have grown more in the last 8 months by working with Lisa than the last 20 years working on my own.

This is my third class with Lisa. While the basic information is the same in the classes I have repeated, she adapts and adjusts the delivery of the information for each student and their abilities and each group. As always the info is clearly expressed, all questions are answered with thoughtfulness and care. I have grown more in the last 8 months by working with Lisa than the last 20 years working on my own.

Holly B.

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Upcoming Events

April 3rd – May 15th
Course 2: Teleseminar


Lisa cleared energy and healed karmic chords and I instantly felt lighter.

After a re-connection with an ex partner from over 2 decades ago, I was struggling to understand the feelings we were both experiencing in this rekindled friendship as these feelings were very intense. Lisa accessed my Akashic Record to see what e...

Rachel S.
United Kingdom
For the first time in years, I can see a clear path to reignite my passion for my profession.

I cannot say enough good things about Lisa and her Akashic reading.  Having really looked forward to the reading, I could not believe it when my 2 alarms did not go off and I was 10 minutes late. I could not help but think, “What in the World d...

Dianna A.
Owner, OH
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