Building the Foundation for Gratitude

Building the Foundation for Gratitude

The Akashic Masters recognize this is a season of gratitude for many around the world, especially in
North America. An important factor sometimes overlooked is the foundation that gratitude requires to
expand. Trauma can impact the infrastructure necessary to feel grateful, especially when it’s carried
over from a past life. If you truly want to upgrade, it’s time to look at whether your ability to feel
grateful has been mitigated by trauma.


A symptom of an experience
For most gratitude fosters trust, empowering us to feel connected to that which is greater than we are.
But traumatic experiences thread uncertainty through your nervous system and can make it extremely
difficult to trust because you don’t feel safe.
To someone with a history of trauma, this often results in the inability to feel authentic gratitude.
Sometimes it even feels uncomfortable or forced. You often wait, whether consciously or unconsciously,
for that other shoe to drop and this makes your focus the future, which blocks gratitude because it
requires you to be present in the moment.

Answers are discovered when you don’t chase them
Libby scheduled a session to explore her Akashic Records because she had been trying to find a house to
buy for over a year and felt no closer than when she’d started looking. “I’ve brought it to my therapist,
discussed with good friends and I feel really frustrated,” she said. “I just want to find my new home.”
We settled in and soon were shown a life where she experienced an enormous amount of hardship. Her
parents both died when she was a toddler, and she was sent to live with a spinster aunt who had no idea
of how to raise a little girl.
Shortly after the aunt died when Libby was sixteen, the house she lived in burned to the ground. With
no money to speak of, she was on her own to figure out how to survive. She found work as a scullery
maid, washing dishes and performing other menial chores for minimal wages.
After several years, she took a chance and moved with one of the other servants who went to live with
relatives in another country. The plan was for them to get jobs together at a shop and save money to
move out on their own, but her friend’s family was not receptive to her living there and she ended up in
a boarding house.
It was what she could afford on her meager salary, but she never felt safe there. Strangers often banged
on her door or even tried to get in. Her fear was pervasive and no matter how hard she tried, Libby
couldn’t seem to find the stability she craved. She died in her early twenties, destitute and ill.
As we were about to finish our Akashic Record visit, we saw Libby near the end of her life. “Everyone
told me to be grateful for what I had,” she said. “I tried.”


Unexpected revelations
“Oh my god!” Libby exclaimed as soon as we were through. “I just had a conversation about gratitude
with a friend. I insisted I was grateful for the house I have now and the financial means to buy something
nicer. But I never really felt it.”
We talked about how trauma nurtures distrust and that having trust in ourselves and the Universe was
necessary to truly feel grateful. “I’ve been saying the words,” she admitted. “But it’s like there was a
disconnect somewhere in me that didn’t allow me to really feel it.”
Working together, we cleared the trauma from that life, empowering Libby to feel more safe and to
begin to trust herself and the Universe more. This opened the door for her to feel gratitude in her entire
being. A few months later, she wrote to tell me she’d found the perfect home.
“Something in me changed after our session,” she told me. “I couldn’t really put my finger on it. All I
know is that I began to feel what it’s like to be grateful rather than just saying the words.” The Akashic
Records helped Libby free herself of the trauma energy from that life so she could have what she
wanted in this one.
Trauma that prevents us from truly feeling grateful can be released with the help of the Akashic
Masters. If you know in your heart that you don’t feel the words you say when expressing gratitude, why
not take my free Healing Trauma quiz and look into my Healing Pain & Trauma Program:
The goal is to release whatever stands in your way of upgrading your life and there are so many ways to
accomplish this. If I can support you in any way, please reach out.
Until next time,

Divine Beings of Light, please fill me to
overflowing with the energy of gratitude.
I Am grateful for life, love and wisdom
that come to me in so many different ways.
I recognize the beauty in the small things and
in the great abundance of my world.
I feel peace in acknowledging the wonder of my life.

So it is. Blessed Be.

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